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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by nfwebs, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. Just had my first posting to 3 Div would like to know if it’s as crap as everyone says it is?
  2. surely if you have just had it, you should know???????

    if you can't remember, it normally means it was good!!
  3. I loved 3 DIV the work was good, the guys were great and the location was absolute rubbish, but when i wasn't on exersize i was on the M1 going home, ENJOY (especialy the plain :))
  4. 3 Div was a good unit for me mate. got malkied all the time man. Only drama, met a bird and got married which stooped us going on the pish!

    Generally people who have said 3 Div is Shite have never been there and have just heard stories
  5. If you stand around bitching about it then it will be crap but if you try to get involved with various things, especially the crawls, then you should enjoy it.
    You will become very familiar with the plain and by the end of your tour.
  6. thanks a lot............
  7. Nothing wrong with 3 Div for the job mate. The camp is a bit anti-quated, especially the accomodation, but the job is a solid military based unit. Get used to being on exercise, but thats why we joined isn't it?

    Social life isn't brilliant as the bars are crap, however Salisbury is good on the pop, just costs a bit to get there. Try and have a nominated driver and you won't have a problem. Amesbury is okay for a few quiet ones, but not much more. The nightclub there is pure and utter crap and half the time the local infantry regiment are in there causing mayhem.

    Didn't have a problem with any of the lads when I was there, and the hierarchy were your typical regimental officers. CO is very keen on his runs, so as long as you are fit you'll have no problem. It has a swimming pool as well which makes for a change for PT.

    Overall just make it the best you can. No point moaning like most do about 3 Div, its your life, take it by the horns and make it what you want it to be.
  8. Salisbury!!!! It was in Soest when I was in. Still a good div to serve with then.
  9. I'm a bit out of touch, but I presume it must be either in Bulford or Tidworth, I had served in both, (lucky me!) anyway, just get transport and get out... just because you are based somewhere does't mean you have to spend three years knocking one out in ya bunk!
    ... As said somewhere on here before... it is what YOU make of it... if you want misery - then there is more than a few who will dish it out, however if you want fun - be creative... be daring... be wild... just don't get caught...

    Nick Carter
  10. I did a stint at the Div, and can honestly say it was a good experience.

    Like your man says, get used to going on exercise as you tend to do a troop level ex, followed by a sqn level, then regimental, then divisional.. expect to be out for a month long joyful time on the plain!

    Salisbury is your best bet on the piss, about 20 quid there, 25-30 after 11.
    Don't go to Amesbury unless you have to, its dog toffee, 3 pubs worth going in, 1 club thats as big as big as the RSM's office.

    Depending on what trade you are and what your doing i cant really say whether you'll have a good time.. from my experience as a rad op in a squadron.. working in the garages with the lads on an anti-quated piece of armour is actually quite a laugh.

    Make the most of it and enjoy while you can.

    p.s I don't know if they still do it but be prepared for Thirsty Thursday and Friday morning PT.
  11. dog shit, shit area, boring exercises in the same place (salisbury plain) in the same locations. good bunch of lads though. accomodation is pretty poor, too far down south, kiwi hill. Sticky's nightclub. 3 Div is shite.
    oh and the best sqn is going to form 22 regt.
    have a nice time
  12. Truth at last thanks!
  13. I thought 222 was going upto form 22 Sigs and not 202 :D :D
  14. 202 (Armoured) Sig Sqn..
    Was the best Sqn when Olly R was SSM and Maj M was OC.

    From what i hear its gone downhill a bit now.
  15. Quality. Was at 202 in the 90s and now back for a second tour. Still quality. locations not the best, but its the people that make it. enjoy I still am!