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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by grab_a_spoon!, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. is 3div really as poo as all say?
  2. FFS!! any unit is good as you make it!
  3. 3 Div is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be.

    It's a Div, bone as it may sound, but you get a lot more chances
    to get away, tour, training, adv. training, sports.

  4. Will one of the MODs please group all the posting topics together and flush em down a toilet. Ok the first post was off a guy about to put in for his first psot, he got some good advice and hopefully has taken it when filling out his pref posting form. The rest of it has just turned into a farce.
  5. Having spent the best aprt of 4 years at three div.....I still dont know what to tell you. The point is mate, we are all different. You can ask one person what they thought of a unit and they will say it was crap. I on the other hand enjoyed 90% of my time at 3 Div and yes there are a lot of opportunities to be had at Bulford. But do me a favour and dont tell people when you get there that you had a post on arrse about 3 Div cos you will just get burned more so than what youre going to on this website.

    Try and have a positive attitude and enjoy your tour of the mighty tricorned ones!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. The best advice on here is 3 Div is what you make it. I left there less than 6 months ago, and there was only one thing I hated about it and that was the singlies accomodation.

    The job was good, the people were good, there is very much a good comaradery within 3 Div and everyone gets on most of the time within each Squadron. The iron triangle gets the job done. If you are joining them shortly they have a busy year ahead of them visiting places like Portugal, Malaysia (could be Malaya), and a few other country's, all depending upon which Sqn you join.

    Obviously there are times you don't like things, but thats the military, you take the good with the bad and shut up.

    Drinking wise there is not too much around. Salisbury is a good night out though, however at weekends the camp if pretty dead so again if your a singley you will probably end up going home most weekends.

    Cookhouse is not too bad, they do a good salad bar at lunchtimes, however tea is not brilliant at times.

    Overall arrive there with an empty mind and take it as you see it. Make 3 Div what you want it to be and don't listen to all the complaining that goes on because half the time its from people who have never even been posted there.
  8. haha,
    during my short time as an ARRSEr, i have noticed a huge amount of repetition in the posts that are submitted.
    i would suggest to anyone that is new to ARRSE to first delve into the history of sigs threads and see if this has been done before in the not too distant past.
    please use one of the following answers you are likley to receive.

    1. its what you make of it.
    2. its the people you work with.
    3. its not the place its the snrs.
    4. it used to be ok
    5. it used to be a bad posting.

    good luck grab a spoon, hope you enjoy ARRSE and make the most of it!!
  9. You whinging bastard, 3 Div was ******* great, do loads of work, drink loads of beer, and shag loads of birds, specially from larkhill as that really pisses the dropshots off!!
    What sqn you going to?
  10. Thanks for that andy i once woke up in larkhill. i've only just stopped having nightmares abouty the lovely lass i woke up next to.
  11. i have visited 3 div and have found it to be an ok place, the housing isnt great but you pay a fair rent so it all equals itself out.
  12. Some of the houseings not too bad, I'm not 3 Div but work in Bulford. Fair one though the bronx and flats could be better. :lol:
  13. Yup 3 div are good but the DHE are very very nasty people.

    When you want something done to the house, you'll wait ages but when they want something done. You have to be there. There's been lots of complaints about the functioning of the DHE. I had to sign for a PAD and the guy was more eager to knock off and go home rather than show me everything about the house. I was being led up the stairs, down the stairs at a rapid rate of knots yadeyadeya.
  14. Let's all sorry for the girl...cos she's so used to her brother being there!
  15. 3 Div was the" Dogs" when it was in Korbecke, I left A few months before it was moved back to blighty.
    The sailing club on the Monessee on a wednesday afternoon was ace, the single's accommodation was pants there too.