3 days til interview

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Jul 18, 2005.

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  1. And 4 months on I still havn't decided whether to go infantry, para, or engineers..*sigh*

    Bloody useless.
  2. It may well surprise you to know that the Paras are Infantry.
  3. Ah, I had an idea that they might've been but didn't want to ask..I meant regular infantry and paras though! I heard the paras have a higher standard of fitness..
  4. Yes, Infantry with a different system of delivery.

    Paras get run around and exercised a lot, to keep their minds off how they may be 'delivered'
  5. Bear in mind if you go RE you can go para from there. Or you might just want to be a proper soldier and join the infantry. :mrgreen:

  6. You might however decide that you want a job where :

    1. You are encouraged to think for yourself.
    2 You get a trade that is of use in civvie st.
    3. You don't go running around the trg area (well not all the time).
    4. You will be posted as an individual to a Regt and not move with a Battalion that you normally spend your whole career with.

    Awaiting flak
  7. Fair comment apart from point 1 - infantrymen think for themselves all the time. Patrolling in NI, Iraq wherever calls for high degrees of initiative and brains.

    As for 2, if you're joining army already thinking about leaving, you've probably missed the point of joining in the first place. Join what you want to join, not what you think might be handy when you leave. If you want to be a sapper then good for you - its a fine role and should be done for its own sake, with pride.
  8. Not always....

    They just jump out of planes......they hit the deck they're the same as any other infantier...

    Red beret or no red beret....still stop a bullet...

  9. It's not about thinking about leaving, it is about making sure that you can make the best choice for the rest of your life, most people only get to serve a max 22 years and at 40 and trained to the hilt, dismmissed from the military. A piece of advice that was given to me as a young Sapper was.... Nobody will look after you in your Army career as well as you can do it yourself, they can all advise but it is you that has to make the choices.

    I have the ultimate respect for the Infanteer, worked along side them loads in NI and after seeing them in BBK coming of patrol with Bergans the size of a house, not for me chef i'm full.
  10. As for your point 3, Arms Plot is stopping (less penal role Bns) so you'll still be posted individually if that flicks your switch. That said, you'll still predominantly belong to one tribe which is one of the best things about the Inf.
  11. Well I've decided to go engineers 100% with infantry as second choice, was pleasantly surprised the rsc 1.5 mile time for engineers is 13 minutes and 15 seconds, my gran would walk it faster than that..
  12. Well it's not all about how fast you can get there, but if you can build the bridge, minefield etc, pretty much the same as the Inf lads, no point in running fast as fcuk if when you get there you are too knackered to fight.

    Please feel free to correct me if i am wrong.
  13. Well the one bit of advice i will pass on, that i didn't take myself.

    Join the Army to do somthing that you can't do in civi street ie: Blow shit up etc
    All the wedge heads i've worked with have been a good bunch of lads who work hard and play harder!

    With the infantry also good work, but if you face dont fit or you **** up you haven't got alot of scope to move away!!

    As for bein a Para be a real man and wear a real Red Beret!!

    and let the insults begin
  14. My grandad is ex PARA...he says they are a load of big girls now...:lol:

    Posers to be excact...
  15. had interview today, went well..I was persuaded to go infantry because I can get qualifications in there if I do something to do with signals..not too sure to be honest, They told me to train hard for the RSC, but I'd have thought a person of average fitness could do the 1.5 mile in 12 mins without too much difficulty..hmm

    I will train loads though, as soon as this hangovers gone