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Discussion in 'REME' started by grumpy1, Oct 29, 2010.

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  1. What is happening at 3 Bat - everybody seems DOWN
  2. People feeling down at a REME Bn - Are you sure?
  3. I just met a bloke on cse from 3bn, he was cheerful- but he is posted in 2mth!
  4. Oh where to start! Ha I'm not going to slag the place off online. But there is a Combined Inspection Week with ECI, Techeval and some people from bde coming down. Lots of work to do and majority of hq coy in BATUS. All starts in a week. Some fairly new Heirerachy (man I can't spell!) that don't seem to be going down too well. With all the work on theres a lot of distractions like lots of parades, wasted time putting up and down tents, clearing out basements seems to happen weekly. Scale A Bn afternoons on how to mount and dismount vehicles, how to pack a bergan etc ....
    5pm knock offs on a friday (Shudder!)

    Could have something to do with it?
  5. Sounds like the good old days that us old and bold enjoyed!
    I remember clearing out the wood of old branches and dead wood at the back of Bordon where the gate was from tech to mil down by the sports pitch. Such fun.
  6. hmm the same happening at 2 bn, plus weeding, lots of weeding
  7. After 5 great first-line postings, I now find myself at a Bn and I'm not liking it. I'd quite willingly give up a years' leave for a posting now.
  8. Glad to see nothing has changed in the fifteen years since I left R.E.M.E, all battalions were the same then--------totally crap to be posted to.
  9. I'm there in about a month! Things will improve then!!!! :-D
  10. A little bird told me that REME Bns are going to start actually doing some work since the arse is falling out of the DSG budget. How will the Corps manage without the benefits of the Bns present activities?
  11. Brilliant... Posting order came through today... I'm really looking forward to this one... Though, no matter what, there's always someone worse of than you!
  12. You're right there as I think its me!