3 cs @ Swanton, need info please

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by naafibreak, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Just been told that I am going to 3cs in Swanton Morley in a few months time, what can people tell me about them, witty remarks always welcome.
  2. Should be 12 sqn out there in good old swanton. Whats your job when you get there?
  3. Beat the rush, sign off now.
  4. Where is Swanton Morley first off?
  5. The exact middle of nowhere
  6. Swanton is about half an hour from norwich
  7. sign off, surley cant be that bad, being posted as a nurse. first field unit, joy, just would like to know whats the unit like and what will I be doing when I get there in the summer.
  8. the barren wasteland of east angier!

    Rule one - as a Cpl RN being posted to a Field Unit for the first time

    Learn to use your stripes!

    troops will see you in uniform, with two tapes - and they will assume a lot (two tapes = experience, knowledge and time done!)

    have fun - enjoy counting!
  9. Not when they see the cap badge they won't. Don't let the buggers walk all over you!
  10. Cheers for the advice :thumright: . What the hell does a RN actually do in a field unit anyways? cant seem to get a straight answer from my bosses.
  11. Plenty of people around who have been to field units now - must be someone in a location near you who would be able to brief you up about life there

  12. cheers, searched rearparty already looking fo mentions of swanton, but no hits, is there something ive missed?
  13. remember

    soldier first, trade second - youll either be employed in a section as a sec tion cpl, or you will be dumped in the trg wg!

    each section has an LSN for an RN Cpl - Sgt
  14. Oh dont worry about what you do in your unit, get out into the community. Being in Norfolk you will meet all the interbred weirdos and two headed monsters known to man. Bernard Matthews, Delia Smith to name a couple.

    Tractor Boys for the premiership.....
  15. when you get your letter of introduction sent off to your new OC, they'll send a letter back to you outlining the Unit, what it does - its next tour etc.

    give them a ring and ask

    what section Ill be in - then get the number of the troop commander you'll be working for and ask them what they expect of you


    roll your sleeves up and get stuck in - you'll earn the respect that way

    for the love of all things holy,
    dont sit back with your arms folded saying - 'Im a nurse I dont do that' or you'll definately have a steep learning cuvre!
    (this isnt directed at you - just an illustration of previous happening to ease your way)