3 CS 16 SQN

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by LeSAUSAGE, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. I have heard the accommodation at (Kandahar?) barracks is very poor! On a par with Monty Lines! Is this true? Should I take a tent?lol.
  2. At the very least :wink:
  3. Be happy that youre not going to 12 Sqn at Royston Vasey! Accom might be good but the units a cluster!
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    It was good enough in 1914, it must be good enough now.
  5. I have just literally left 16 med sqn, 3 CS last week. The accomadation is what you make it....my room with a certain character who likes 'immac' (you'll hear the story if you ask anyone lol) was ammazing. But they are 5 man rooms seperated by thin walls so you cant w@nk or nothing ;). Unless you get a 1 man w@nk tank but there like getting the boss to do PT.
    Hope this helps
  6. The Immac story (btw its called veet now) is somewhere on a thread in the Naafi. If you are referring to the burnt testicles story that is.

    Don't forget that 16 isn't supposed to be there any more, and hasn't been taken into consideration for the new build in Tidworth, so maybe you'll find yourself in a tent soon enough anyway. Mind you, the number of exercises, ops and tours going around you'll not see your room often so it won't really be a problem!
  7. Ha Ha I remember that it was hilarious, 3 minutes so I will leave it on longer. That was the one of the funniest things I remember,

    Mrs Armadillo wet herself when I told her, but that is normal as she is very incontinent. That is what happens when you go on the pull in a old peoples home.

    Armadillo, still watching U
  8. Thing is it hurt him that much couple of weeks later he did it again and left it on longer cos his bint of an ex told him it would be alright....
  9. More things to note about 16.......REME cap badging.....RLC, well!!!!! nah all alright really i got on with them all well, well most of them. the guys and gals are sound shame about the top shelf but never mind. i had a wicked 3 and a half years there. 432's are like the most important things in the world to 16......med kit comes a close second, then if u finish before 7 AK'd comes third....PT comes roughly 10th on the list..
    Have fun
  10. Hmm CMT's rock.... you left 16 and ended up at 1 CS.....

    Unlucky mate.... best of luck!!

  11. Thanx for the erm.....advice??? i think
  12. Is that short arse excuse for a pti still there, I only have one fitness lesson bergan run for 8 miles at a pace that hereford would wince at.

    Miss you dave hedgehog

  13. 5 man room!! Didnt know they still existed!! It will be like 1914!! 8O

    What size rooms do JNCO's get? I hope its better then the above!!! :cry:
  14. The single man bunks are small you have to shuffle out the door backwards just to turn around. Honestly I found a note pinned to my door from the RSPCA advising against swinging a cat.
  15. Sounds bleak!!

    What about the new build?

    I heard thats been designated for 2 RTR! True or false?

    Why do AMS units have such pap accommodation!? I thought we were supposed to be the civilised ones yet we live in squalor and the philistines get the Ritz!? :?