3 commando bgd

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by chocolate soldier, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. ok so the uk will have 5 multi role brigades and 16 aa , will 3 commando brigade be kept the same like 16aa as its main body rm commandos or will it convert to multi role ?????
  2. Fairly obviously it's a component of a Dvi
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  3. Very reassuring to learn that we will soon have 5 Divisions (assuming that's what he means by divion?) so all the rumours about redundancies have clearly been exaggerated.

    Not so much chocolate soldier as chocolate fire-guard. He sounds like he's fairly close to the top within Head Office.
  4. Learn some English before you post again thank you very much!
  5. sorry meant brigade not divison
  6. Chocolate starfish?

  7. Oh!!!!

    I see now, Bgd is Brigade.......Very good!:muhaha:

    & a Divison is like a Regiment with extra Platoons, is it?:donut:
  8. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    I see now, Bgd is Brigade.......Very good!

    & a Divison is like a Regiment with extra Platoons, is it?

    From what I understand, after current spending cuts, future UK "divisions" will be more like light infantry battalions, with - if they are lucky - an attached platoon or two of specialists. These would comprise important backup such as:
    artillery support (a chap with a radio to the nearest US unit);
    armoured recce (two chaps wearing lots of body armour in a fast car);
    engineers (several chaps with hammers and nails);
    field barber shop (a chap with scissors and another chap with a mirror); and
    combat bath 'n shower section (chap with a hose).

    There again, thinks could be worse. For that - look at the current state of the RN....
  9. Does this mean we will be following the example set by the esteemed Provisional Irish Republican Army, where a Brigade is seven blokes muttering in a pub.
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  10. 5 Multi Role ARMY Bdes plus 16AA.
    3 Commando Brigade ROYAL MARINES.
  11. i are not know what bgd are.
    you should write betterer.
  12. A brigade, although the correct abbreviation is Bde.
  13. Very good, but you might wan't to look where that Navy Bde is set to sit within the new 2 Division ( as in 2 Divisions) ORBAT ^~
  14. I thought bgd was buggered? Oh it is...