3 Close Support Regiment - Abingdon

Due posting soon, and currently in an E2 post with out anyone to chat to about this, so just wondering if their Brigade is due to go, or is on Tour at the moment, not trying to be a War dodger (in fact wanting to go on Tour).


Also has the JNCO Accommodation been upgraded in the last 10 years, or is it still the same ? which to be honest wasnt too bad for a former RAF base :)
You might find yourself somewhere hot in the next 12 months. As for accomodation, there is 2 SLAM blocks (1 for 3 LSR and 1 for 4LSR). Not sure how many people fit in them but they are quite nice.

As for the rest of the place, I would rather suck the sweat off of a dead donkeys' cock than get posted back there

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