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Hey all, i passed ADSC a month back and i have to go see a specialist on the 20th about a little bit of excema but i am assured it is no problems. Anyway because of this my interview i had on day 2 of ADSC was only short as he could not offer me a job per se until the specialist gave me the green light so i was not asked about my job choices but he did say i could change if i felt i really wanted when i asked if i could have my 2nd choice but he said he would see how this appointment went on and get to that when the time comes. my 1st job choice artillery has always been my number 1 but now i see in my eagerness i was talked round to my 2nd choice as infantry by a bloody good recruiter haha. so i was issued my travel warrant and the rest of the info and appears i wont get to have a final interview and if this appointment goes okay i will just be given my date, so i am wondering how i would go about going my original choice of artillery?
Thanks , cal
This is a difficult one. To be honest you shouldn't be changing you're mind at such a late stage, having said that if its artillery you really want to do then go for it. Get in touch with you're ACIO pronto and discuss it. Make the right decision now or you might regret it. And good luck!
I changed my job choice in my final interview, he just asked me which of the 3 job choices i wanted and change round from infantry to engineers

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