3 Canadians killed in Afghanistan


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Sad news. Rest in Peace.
All three are from 12 Field Sqn, 1 Combat Engineer Regt. A fourth was badly wounded but is in stable condition at Kandahar. This brings to 93 the number of Canadian troops killed in Afghanistan.


RIP to the fallen - and a quick and successful recovery to the wounded.
RIP Canuks.

Fall out, lads. Your next Posting is Valhalla...

Condolances to Family and Friends. Fast recovery to the injured.
The Canadians, real unsung heroes in Afghanistan. RIP
Canada nears 100 dead in Afghanistan
TORONTO: When Canada's prime minister commented on the death of 10 French soldiers in Afghanistan this week, he said Canada knew France's pain all-too-well.

Since Canada sent soldiers to Afghanistan after Sept. 11 attacks, 93 of its soldiers and one diplomat have died in Afghanistan — including three soldiers who were killed by a roadside bomb on Thursday in the deadliest attack on Canadian forces in the country in more than a year.


For everyone's sake. please call them Canadians, capital C and not candians.
It is a small thing, but fcuking important to many many people.

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