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3 Bullets (Rounds for the anally retentive)who first!

Q. If you had 3 Bullets and could shoot any 3 persons in the world and get away with it who would it be and why.


1. Jose Morinho cos hes an arragant Kn@b who holds back players potential by playing to defensive.

2. Roman Abramovic for not having the b@lls to sack Jose Morinho when he had the chance.

3. The stupid plank who came up with the new JPA

Who have you got in your sights!
According to the Uxbridge English Dictionary (ISIHAC Radio 4) Countryside is the verb "to kill Piers Morgan" as in Fratricide being "to kill your brother"
3 rounds for 3 people?

Have you seen my APWT scores?

Frankly, anyone willing put their mouth right over the muzzle would have to do. And I'd still need all 3.

(PS - why anyone would want to shoot Kate Moss - an inordinately wealthy, sexually adventurous supermodel with lesbian tendencies and the taste for a drink or two - is beyond me. I wouldn't want to talk to her, for sure, but I'm sure we could think of a better mutual activity short of homicide.)
Can we have people standing behind each other so you get more bang for your buck as they say. We could do a ballistics test, like how many useless politicians were killed before the bullets kinetic energy was spent.

'Cherry' Bliar


I might not win the race to slot these three, but I would be trying my hardest.

PS. Pity the round that has to penetrate Cherry!


Book Reviewer
Ruth Kelly.....in fact can we have a free strangulation? Much more fun for her, the God-bothering freak

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