Discussion in 'REME' started by Tactical_Ted, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. Am due posting to 3bn in padderborn Any good??? :?

    ta v much
  2. Nice town, decent bars (stay clear of savoy's unlesss you like a good scrap). 3 BN is okay, well it was 3 years ago, lot's of sports etc. Workwise it depends on which company and department your going to. However there are also lots of people who like to re-invent the wheel there. Everyone will have different views, just give it a go and have an open mind.
  3. Cheers Falklands16

    Whats the junior accom like. i'll have my lance-jack by time im posted (Nov) so whats the sketch on bunks as i'll be leaving one and dont fancy sharin any more..I'll be with the QM(T) at a guess as im tech stmn if this helps any.

  4. T_T

    Junior Ranks accommodation is pretty arrse at 3 Bn. You'll undoubtedly be in a 2 or 4 man room. Sorry to give you the bad news.
  5. T_T I was going to draw your attention to a crackin' little thread on "How 3 Bn REME was now a good posting" but wait ....shock horror.... it has now disappeared of the face of the ARRSE!!!! so I did a little checking and found that when I checked all posts by me, the ones that were in that thread have gone!!

    Any comment MODS?
  6. I can't speak for O_S but I haven't deleted any threads along the lines of the one you describe. I've also checked the area dodgy threads are moved to and it isn't there (or at least not as far back as June...).

    It could be that the originator of the topic deleted his/her first post in that particular topic which then deleted the whole thread.

    The way we mods work is that we will either edit individual posts if that is all that is called for or we will move whole topics to a moderator only forum if the whole subject is dodgy. In either case the originator of the thread or the post in question is informed by pm of the reasons.

  7. I have it on good authority that a former CO of that Regt was getting a lot of flack on ARRSE about his command. I also have it on authority that this was entirely justified as the guy, apparently, is a cheeser.

    Furthermore I have heard that he was checking ARRSE regularly to disern whether he was still getting a slagging. I would imagine that a bloke like that would attempt to close a thread down, lest all his face waving with Comd ES be in vain. This all sounds to me like a case of you reap what you sow.