3 Bn REME achieve a RED grade at ECI this week!

Discussion in 'REME' started by reme_rebalancing_rubbish, Nov 22, 2007.

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  1. Just thought I would get this one out! Have the Corps that should be the market leaders in Eqpt Care finally fallen foul of their own standard?

    Please discuss
  2. Many units have had ECI Reds.

    You got a gripe about an ASM? take it up with him. Naming and shaming isn't REME.
  3. No gripe whatsoever, the geezer in question is a mate. You have a point though. Edited it out to protect the innocent!
  4. In that case, I must have been misinterpreting all the inspectors comments on the inspection report cover sheets for all these years. :wink:
  5. 3 BN have probably been too busy sorting out the heaps of scrap that 20X had to take off 4X as they deployed.
    I guess its a case of you reap what you sow. If they gained a RED grade, I guess there will be a number of people left with egg on their faces, and some of those people will no doubt be holding appointments in 20X.
  6. On here that is...of course the dirty washing will fall out in the units, but that's what happens. My personal belief is that there is so much ECI/LSI G1-G4 stuff techeval Boards of Officers checks etc that it should actually be the units mission statement, and any of that 1/2 line ES to Bdes etc is secondary.

    There is too much focus on this and not delivering the goods, the trained soldier or the fit equipment, due to the fact that someone is indecisive about PAT testing or the coolant hasn't been checked on a Rover.

    Some Army Standards needlessy go beyond what the UK law requires.

    Self licking lollipop anyone?
  7. Agreed in some respect, the level of bureaucracy we have to contend with does shift the focus from our core function and concentrates it on doing what is necessary to 'pass the test.' These inspections do deliver an important function though, Quality (can't believe I just used that word!) Assurance. We (the Army) need to keep check on ourselves to ensure we are delivering the necessary standard and complying with the law.

    Some 1st line units deliver a fantastic service to their parent units but get 'red' for 1 slip at some point in the year.

    Lets not forget, on rare occasions the inspecting team do get it wrong.
  8. Not at this unit but....
    When it comes down to the Difference of a Amber-Red or Green-Amber could be as simple as not putting VOR instead of Non-taskworthy or Roadworthy instead of Fully fit it p*sses me off. The reason that most units are getting slated on ECI's is that we are so much under pressure to prepare for OPs ourselves whilst keeping vehicles on the road for OPTAG and other exercises. We dont mind the work hard play hard good old days if we get the chance to play. With non stop pre exercise/op prep, grafting on exercise/op followed by rehabilitation of equipment plus preparing the lads and ourselves where is the time to get ready for Techeval. ECI, management checks etc. We deploy for six months then get slated that we havent done the right checks whilst were away.

    Somebody need to smell the coffee and realise that we werent on as many Op tours when these inspections came about so adjust to the modern way. No one deserves a slating and it seems that they release the results to embarrass individuals. Ive loved my time in the Army and with only two years left not a bitter and twisted Artisan yet but getting with the way we seem to want to slag our own Corp down, it might be a good thing to leave a sinking ship. Im not at 3Bn or never been there but was at an Armd Wksp/Bn so know how much work individual do, dont be embarrassed by this Im sure you all do a great job and keep the vehicles moving nd flag flying.

    Arte Et Marte
  9. Well about time! A REME Officer and his team that have the proverbials the size of a prize winning bulls to give their own cap badge a RED ECI and I beleive this is not the 1st RED they have given in Germany? Well done. Finally the nepotistic approach 1 Div and the BEMEs of old had to turning up at a unit giving Greens and patting each other on the back thinking those in Germany were the best has now finally gone? Oh how the mighty have fallen. I remember being part of a REME Bn in Osnabruck when they should have had a Red in 2005 and pressure was put on the team and the grading was changed. I then was in Fally Bn when the new Germay ECI Team turned up earlier this year. They do not get it wrong. They have improved the EC process immensely. They are knowledgeable, fair and provide alot of help and guidance. If they picked something up it was because it was there in black and white and the evidence irrefutable. If you were here in UK the ECI teams here are not as ammeniable. trust me and look out for the 19 CSS ECI!! If people are taking it personal then maybe they should look inwardly and instead of moaning just get on with it. Yes we are all busy but in barracks we cannot break the law or worse still someone is killed again because we do not care enough for our soldiers by doing the jod we are supposed to. I might be a grumpy old git but this time the Corps has finally got something right.
  10. Interesting comments!! What I have seen and heard we cannot even fill in 932Bs correctly. Is that because we are too busy or our standards being erroded? Have DEME(A) and the trade schools got it right? We invest 10 days in training our Class 2s to inspect but give our Class1s a day and a half and dont even cover filling in 932s. The ECI teams do have a job to do. If they let it go and turned a blind eye, then who would be in the dock if something serious happened? I suppose its not easy being an inspector especially if they are the same cap badge. Dammed if you do. Dammed if you dont. At least they have the moral fibre to do their job properly. Best friends while in the unit. W**** when they've gone. A dedicated team is far better. In UK this has been the norm but a hard pill to swallow in Germany. I agree with Grumpy old git, Germany have had its own way for far too long. people will have to get used to a new approach which is no doubt a little more detailed and in depth than in previous years. As a Corps we still get ragged by COs of Bns who want their tick in the box, get promoted and leave the rest of us who do all the hard work behind. Be interesting to see where the OC, ASM and the other team members go next. Be funny if they failed ECI or even posted to 3 Bn?
  11. I have a simple check list for checking 932's if any one wants a copy give me a PM, and ill fire it off in the post to you.
  12. Do you really think the inspectors are doing a good job or just using the excuse to get thier white gloves out??
  13. ECI = pain in the arse that detracts from the real job (along with all the other inspections) BUT we have to obey the law AND be seen to play the game, otherwise we may get more legislation heaped upon us.

    It also amazes me how many people are anti ECI team, yes they can be bloody obnoxious know it alls with an attitude, but it is amazing how much difference a helpfull attitude can make to your report. I dont mean sucking up to them, but being friendly can stop your throat getting cut.

    My Unit just got a good report, so to an extant its relax.
  14. Yes but supposedly you have got good heirachy in your place, i will be coming in the morning for my own inspection mit white gloves with news of my new deployment. check pms
  15. ooooops edited for being plonker