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3 bn pwrr

Hello anyone from the rochester based coy of 3PWRR?

im looking to transfer and was considering joining the PWRR and would like more information.

if there is anyone from that unit please PM


mts nts


Are you working away then? Just a thought as many years ago I almost gave 10 Para a go due to work but was moved back into 5 Queens area.
nope just bored with how it was run was going fancied a change and PWRR looked like a good option and it was only a 30min train journey away from my house so not too much of a pain are you from that coy??? tell more over PM


No gossip worth a PM, I was in Cinque Ports Coy about 20+ years ago but I agree with your sentiments about change.
Think my unit is doing to little to late and they are going to loose a lot of people through disinterest escaping a sinking ship comes to mind
sounds good everyone i have spoken to said they are good bunch was looking to know a little more insider knowledge before having a look around i.e hows the training, course availability how are the ncos offices etc etc


Its been covered a few times on this forum, every possible answer from an admin exercise to jacking it in and turning up new on a drill night!

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