3 Bn in Paderborn

Discussion in 'REME' started by armycmt, Jun 17, 2010.

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  1. Looking at a posting to 3 Bn in Paderborn. Does anyone have tips on best places to get a quarter and how often do they deploy on Exs/Ops? Are there any english childcare facilities locally?
  2. Are you REME or CMT?

    On the Quarter side of life, SNCO or Jnr rank., although in the DHE charter that rank is not a factor, in Paderborn it is.
    If a jnr rank the only way to guarantee a house is to accept a qtr in detmold.
    Houses may be available, it all depends on what they have when your 1132 arrives.
    Uhlen str is right out the back of Barker, has the NAAFI, sally army, hive, school, creche etc, is walking distance to town. has the highest rent. flats & houses

    Sennelager is a nice 6m away, close enough to run/ cycle, houses and some flats.
    Detmold is 40min away, mostly houses, some flats, nice if your wife is German or likes pads politics!

    as to deployment- they are off next year I think, so this year they will be mostly getting smashed on training!
  3. I'm a CMT.

    Thank you for your reply. Still waiting for an assignment order but your reply has been helpful.