3 Battalion REME (GOOD or BAD)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by HATTERBOY, May 2, 2007.

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  1. i`m posted to 3 Bn in the not so distant future............ :D

    Has anyone just left there or is still there.......... :?

    if so what is the feeling about the place, the people and the posting in general :lol:
  2. ill see you soon. Put it this way i would rather be a B mec than stay in 3bn any longer than i have to. Refuse the posting now or go insane with the rest of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :?

    1bn was worse back to back Bn's thanks MCM :p
  3. You cannot put Bn REME in the same sentence as good. Or even in the same paragraph, maybe even post.
  4. I was posted to FRG 2 and 3 Bn REME, had a thoroughly good time. It totally depends on the people there, which platoon and your heirachy!!! Paderborn is a not too bad City, plenty of bars and good nightlife. I left 2 years ago and the ethos was changing along with the hierachy, not for the good either I have heard. If you enjoy sport and want to get some courses under your belt, go for it. Be aware, you do get seriously used and abused by other units needing help with tasks. All units these days are busy so some folk will not like that. Better to be an 'A' mech.
  5. Yes I know, but the problem with REME Bn's is erm....REME officers, too many of them.
  7. so far the replys to my post arn`t looking too good,

    c`mon guys i`ve got no choice i`m going whether i like it or not........

    someone out there must have something good to say about the battalion!!!!

  8. Sorry all the comments are true, too REME bods in one place! not too my liking anyway, but you just have to make the most of it. Paderborn town is good fun
  9. When I got posted to 3 Bn everyone told me how wonderful it was going to be and how lucky I was to get such a great unit.

    However times change.

    I am lucky to have left and I have nothing positive to say about the unit, the hierachy and my 2 years there in general. Everyone I worked with was desperate to get posted (seniors and juniors) and this held true across the Bn (not just my troop).

    Paderborn town is very nice though, you can get cheap flights from Paderborn airport and you are centrally located in Europe for getting out and about, skiing and such.

    If you have kids then the schools are brilliant. If you're a singly then theres always Savoys, Tingle Tangles and even Amsterdam to keep you amused.

    Remember units change and even crap ones can pick up with a change of hierachy.
  10. Left last year after possibly the best time i've had in my 20 years service. The Battalion was extremely busy throughout my 2 year stay but it remained fun throughout, possibly due to the good lads and lasses of the Bn.

    This may be down to the fact that i am a dirty loggie and attached arms do not suffer from the 'too many REEMs in one place' thing.

    Paderborn is fantastic and the local ladies very obliging!!

    I would ignore the negative generalised comments, take the posting and make the most of it.
  11. If your not single already you soon will be.
    Things to look forward to, three years time when your posted out.
    Paderborn is a good city, loads to do, but hey, it doesn't matter cos' you'll never be there.
    Seriously though, really busy bn, WRP and mm 1,2 coming up. Enjoy.
  12. the-nut-strangler said it all 3Bn poor poor Bn no time for your self just one shit under manned detachement or ex after another and another when do you get in and where you going? dont matter any how, the lot of us are all on the same sinking ship.
  13. It's a REME Bn so it's got to be sh1t.
  14. I have served with 1, 2 and 3 Bn on and off during my 20 odd years and it is always the same story, guys whinging about how shit it is. Remember these people are part of the Bn so are part of its problems. I had a great time in all the Bn's, enjoy yourself and dont listen to the scrotes who do nothing but whine, they are the ones that make the Bn's s**t.

  15. never had a bad posting untill 3 Bn. Ref the scrotes comment boil yer head. 3 Bn right now is generally shit, Recmec can smile about it all cos his one goal now is the light at the end of the 22 year tunnel. REME Bn's can be good seen it, been there, had a whale of a time, just not this one!