3 ADTR Duisberg

Discussion in 'RLC' started by DOG_LALS, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Anyone remember this excellent unit? :D
  2. No

    Now Bore Off!
  3. No, but I do remember an ace night out in Duisberg, early nineties!!!

    God was I pissed...
  4. I remeber them being the worst examples of thick, uneducated, scruffy and undiciplined Trogs. Such a great posting in a cracking town was wasted on them.
  5. I remember the quite the opposite. The high number of soldiers who have subsequently either been granted a LE commission or who have held down the most demanding and prestigious appointments that our Corps can offer speaks volumes for the unit's professionalism.

    Are you some sort of passed over and overweight ex stacker, per chance?
  6. No, but had the misfortune to spend 2 weeks in that camp as part of an exercise in the early 80s and can only say that I was truly shocked by the standard of the soldiers in the regiment. I've been attached to many an Infantry, Arty or other RCT unit and have even met better educated Pioneers than the lads I met in 3ADTR. I was truly more amazed there than I have ever been with any other unit.

    You may very well be right about the number of LE Officers and other prestigious appointments coming from 3ADTR, but I can only imagine that even average anywhere else would have stood out there and standing out that much may very well have marked their careers for the better.

    I can only tell it as I saw it.
  7. 3 ADTR was abad boy posting at some stage maybe that was when you were there? Personally i had an excellent time there, nightlife, location etc 8)
  8. It wasn't just 3 ADTR, I served in 1 & 4 and they were cracking postings as well. Maybe not as sweet geographically as Duisburg, but looking back (a long way back) the Div Tpt Regts were what trogs are all about. Jesus we even had trucks then!
  9. Paragorge strikes again...fcuk me you do wonders for airborne recruitment!!
  10. Only ever went to Duisburg once in the 80s.

    Couldn't get into the nightclubs, couldn't get a drink in a pub, taxi drivers wouldn't take us anywhere.

    The phrase most heard that night was "No English soldiers allowed".

    Just what the fcuk did you guys posted there get up to in the town??
  11. I got my head split open on a Stally going x-country whilst on a visit when I was in brats in 87. I still have a nice eye scar to this day. Was it true that BFT times were increased due to air pollution there, or were they just pulling a naive 16 year olds leg?
  12. Not a chance m8 if they did they didn't tell me and i needed it back then.
    The PTI's used to wait near Rad Tp to stop you skivving by hiding in the ammo pallets and only going around the route once.
    The place stunk of eggs at night though cos of the factories. :wink:
  13. Does Anyone know what happened to the Bloodhound Missile outside 6 Sqn?
  14. Its still outside 6 sqn HQ in Abingdon.

    That thing was uprouted in duisberg once as a certain football team lost and the guys weren' t happy. :cry:
  15. Memories...like the World Cup lock in....