3 ADSR - Soest - Early 90s

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Blackrat, Aug 14, 2007.

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  1. Anyone here serve at 3 Div around the Op Granby time when we got posted to Munster? Speak up!!
  2. Yes. Me. And went on Granby with 204.

    How do you get 5 medals with only 15 posts?
  3. It's not what you know it's who you know. I was in 2 Sqn, you Sir?
  4. MT (RCT not Signals).

    Arrived in 1989, left in 1992. Best tour ever.
  5. Ah Ha! One of those chaps eh? In fairness, you were a bunch of good blokes. That was pretty much the same time i was there. Did you go to Bulford when we relocated then?
  6. joined 3div in 92 and left in 94 at bulford
  7. No, I was posted immediately before the relocation to... Bulford, and spent the next year or so with Log Sp Bn AMF(L).
  8. Lucky devil! Bulford was a hole! At least in Soest there was more of a party atmos. Did you ever go to Ellie's or the Old Germany? My god, what a booze fest it was in those days! Fool, what Sqn were you? The fighting second by any chance? You missed all the fun of Germany. Great memories of the Kirmis and the dodgy rides on beer crates. Outstanding!
  9. I was there 88-92, Started off in 3 Sqn before it got disbanded, wagons went into 'light pres', mothballed basically because we didn't have enough blokes to man them. Amalgamated with 2 Sqn, (SAS/MC and Wavell Det). I went on Granby with 1 Sqn though, as I was a Switch Bitch.

    Dedicated member of the pigs bar, hence my memories are rather hazy. Anyone remember our cracking pool team? Organised by the lady in the WRVS we would go and play different units...some great nights!!
  10. I remember that WRVS lady! Think her name was E****n or something like that. Taff W****s was rather fond of her and the runour was that he had a wee go on her! Not sure if it was true or not. I seem to recall that the vending machines did a fine line in microwavable slop.
  11. Was at 22 Sigs at Lippstadt and we went on Granby with 3 Div. Unfortunate really as 22 Sigs was the bollox. And 3 Div didn't even come close.

    Was posted to 3 Div as 22 Sigs disbanded. 222 Sqn. We had 9 months on the bottom camp at Soest, and then sunny Bulford.
  12. I was there 90 to 94. Started in Oscar Troop 2 Sqn but went on Op Granby as part of Comms Support Troop. Eventually got attached to 7 Bde and then 7 US Corps before returning to Soest. Transferred to 206 just before the move back to Bulford.
    I think my time at Soest was the best time I ever had whilst I was serving. The cracking nights in the NAAFI with entertainment that was brilliant and some that was not so brilliant. The flyings cans identified the not so brilliant acts.
    We had some brilliant nights out and lets not forget the schnelli next to the Turkish club. The laughs we had getting the sprogs speak to the english owner in German!!
  13. Yes, but was there in 80's, after tours in Lisburn and Derry. Was at top camp and bottom camp. Got married at bottom camp church 1983, after which sent off to Woodhouse Eaves before going back to the province.

    Remember the Ben, and Peepin Toms well,

  14. I see Over that you were a Panzer boy then? Me, Romeo troop QRF flash gits. Oh the life we had standing on the cage looking into your garage while you were covered in grease doing a pack lift. Still, you get the last laugh. I was on a smegging Panzer on Granby and had to do a pack lift with bugger all tools. Thats 4 Bde for ya! Remember Jim A***R? Saw him in Aldershot a while ago. Think he's a WO2 or summat now.
  15. Wija 72

    I was in TN012 in Op G, I had a coffee with Bendy the other day. We were laughing about the tp and Lippstadt.

    PM me.