In your view, whats the state of play at 3AAC?

  • Heading for a flat spin

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  • Should pull through in the end

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  • Never realised there was a problem (Officers only)

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  • Apache will keep the boys interested

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3 Seems to have another serious morale problem :oops:
Are any of the top dogs gonna try and save at least 1 junior rank from signing off? Or maybe they will just keep treating them like something they found on the sole of there boot?

Ohh, and please stop this AH thing. No, the lads dont love it! And no we couldnt care less if the whole thing was abandoned tomorrow! It's not working as a selling point anymore :x
Why does 3 Regt get a poll when other regts are EXACTLY the same, sign off rate wise?

Some other regiments even have the AH and KNOW (as opposed to think) that it has a detrimental effect on morale.
Err? Cause Im in 3! and 4 doesnt appear to be as bad, but bad none the less is suffering as well. And a lot of guys in 3 are recently ex 9 or 651.
Any 1,4,5,9 Regt any of the Fltsand even 7 & associated dets please feel free to put a poll on here so we can compare. For those that are interested.

Maybe though there all just stupid outside of 3 and dont know how to "Drive a Poota" :D 8O :D
Bowman said:
Maybe though there all just stupid outside of 3 and dont know how to "Drive a Poota" :D 8O :D
I'm beginning to think that you know me! :wink:

......I shall, however, take comfort in the fact that I can spell.
I see things never change.. Some people are never happy. When I was with 3 I hated it and winged non stop. Until one day I decided that it was time to call it a day and leave realising that all the negativity I had was pulling everybody else down.. So my advice is if you isn’t having fun then GO and get another job. Morale is good at 7 but then we only do it part time…

Life is to short to be unhappy

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