3/9 - enjoy yourselves.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by carolta, Jun 21, 2011.

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  1. Soldiers Support Group Darwen (made up of six mothers) has raised over £8,000 in two years. Darwen 1940's Day - unfortunately Duke of Lancaster's would love to attend but can't muster 'official' troops. HOWEVER - as Darwen's named as 'THE MOST PATRIOTIC TOWN IN BRITAIN' we're going ahead with a midday Commemorative Parade. Don't worry - there's a private/secure changing room for civvies-uniform-civvies. Ten minute march alongside our guest of honour - a local serving soldier - back into civvies. Take your warrant card over to the town square pub - The Bridgewater - and you'll get FREE specially brewed beer 'THE LIONS PRIDE' and FREE food. The cross-checked list will be given to landlord prior to your entry. It's an opportunity for us all to say 'thanks'...no other strings attached. Appreciate strict army protocol but have had a hint that they'll agree to you giving up your precious on-leave time. Need to let me know - for catering purposes only - ASAP. Bless you all......Carol Tapp (Publicity Officer) Tel 01254702972. Veterans will also be in march -remember 3rd September is when WW2 began.