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For some reason I was expecting a little bit more this year, what with fire-strikes, operation "Certain Death" and having to keep Mr Silverman in business.
Hopefully the rent will go up and cancel it all out.
It truly is sh1te not having a voice.
Any teachers reading this......10%, who are you kidding, my chick is a teacher and she does less than me. plus she has more leave and doesn't have to buy her own chalkboard eraser.
Anyone know of any recent attempt to form a Union within the Army? I've heard plenty of Military folklore, is there any truth in it?
And for all the scanners at MI6, I'm not trying to form one, so put the battering rams away and carry on writing your books and selling your secrets to the Sunday Sport. ;D
thanks to mr blair - probably coz we've  got too many asylum seekers to look after! oh and the poor firemen.
Slot the lot of em, problem solved ;D


Good point boys..............as a result of this futile venture for oil and riches at the right hand of our American pimps, I'll be partly responsible for another 400,000 immigrants flooding to our shores.
It's a vicious circle really.
Those s0ds get a clothing allowance, albeit for dodgy leather jackets and "soul glow", so why don't I?
In fact, most immgrants come from countries where the British Army has been. Maybe we should go to Sweden and Ibiza and get us some good looking poon-tang in the queues at the social.
Maybe not.
marm, the plan is mate to get out there and TAKE OUT the peasants before they get this far!!!!! well hopefully anyway. either that or set up a gimpie on sf on the white cliffs. gets my vote anyway

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