Concratulations to Southampton UOTC for winning practically every match this year. It was a fitting end to have Cambridge and Southampton battle it out in the final of the falling plate competition. Well done guys, hats off to you.
Hope everyone else enjoyed the day as much as we did. Even the wind and the rain didn't dampen our spirits.
Congratulations indeed. Great it was an OTC final, thrashing the TA. Good effort all round.

Have to say that we look forward immensely to next year, when the trophies will be coming home.
Yeah, it was good to show the TA that OTCs are not entirely useless, maybe not on the drill front.

The trophies though, are now at there new permanent home, Southampton.
Although not entirely sure to whom I am responding, I would like to thank you both on behalf of the entire SUOTC Service Rifle Shooting Team for your words of congratulation. It means alot to recieve recognition for all the training that was put in and it was fitting that the Falling Plates should end with an all OTC final, however, I wouldn't be so sure about the trophies going anywhere for a few years to come! Once again, many thanks.
Hmmm, well I wouldn't get too attached to those trophies if I were you. They will be ours next year. Make sure you keep them polished for us. :D
just to let you know SUOTC, that WE are already preparing for next year.

We got a nice little 5 mile run set up with some big hills and have already done it as a team in 30 mins, wearing full kit, inc bergans, in prep for the para cup.

oh, and we have also aquired our own, private range. so there.

and SA80-A2's for the whole team.

Those trophies are coming back to where they belong. Thieves.
Don't post shyte FO. It gives us all a bad name.
It's no wonder everyone thinks that the OTCs are all full of walts when folk like yourself see fit to post this sort of toss.
Back to the subject of the thread - well done SUOTC, .... but who says' F.O is kidding?!! Can't let you take all the glory next year, can we?!

Good to see OTCs in the final - which proves that youth really does triumph over experience! Shame the rest of the teams didn't stick around to see a bunch of stoodents battle it out though.
blimey, calm down. a comment as stupid as the one i posted is clearly not supposed to be anything other a joke.
Indeed well done SUOTC. You outshot us in every match. We were absolutely gutted when we saw your score for the Para Cup until we remembered that the TA shoot for a different cup. Having said that your drill is abysmal and who the f##k are the gwar twins? Oh and next year all the silver will be back where it belongs in Exeter.
Lol, exeter, get real!! I think we all know that siver belongs in Cambridge's new cabinet. :D I notice nobody declared naked para cup by the way. Exeter letting their reputation slip. :lol:
Too true, no naked ranges were called, how about 'naked forum' then?

I'll sit here in the buff quite happily, I hope all others follow suit, apart from those working in the library of course, some chess champion might take offense, but lets get real, how many students here are actually likely to be working the library!

P.s. Well done Southhampton, but please try not to damage our trophies, we want them back in good nick next year!

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