3.2 Million Compo for hospital victim

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by nark, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Mark Thomas was today awarded £3.2 Million compo for a hospital's negligence when he was misdiagnosed as being free from Meningitis from which he was really suffering.

    Mr Thomas who has never worked, and never will, said from the pub where he was celebrating with his parents " Cheers".
  2. I have to respect the courts award, regardless of where he was at the time when he said "cheers" ---- I bet he will have sweet dreams tonight !! 8)
  3. Ignore. Presumably an attempt at humour.

  4. The family's solicitor, said afterwards: "It is always rewarding to obtain an award of damages for a child , which will go some way towards helping him lead the fullest possible active life

    Yes this young lad deserves compensation for the hospital's negligence and i sincerely hope he will be able to lead the fullest life possible .

    One thing that i think our government should change is the fact you have to bring a case with in three years for medical negligence ,This should be changed and their should be no time limit .

    Because their are also a lot of people within the u.k. who have suffered medical negligence who have received no compensation because of the time limit .
  5. Will this money come from insurance or the PCT's budget?
  6. Grownup_Rafbrat

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    Are you Chubb in disguise? Should Flashy be informed?
  7. I belive that it comes out of central NHS funds and that the NHS Litigation Authority deals with any negligence complaints. Most are concluded out of court with only around 4% actually ending in court. The rise in compensation has gone up from around £600m 3 years ago to around £800m in the last financial year.
  8. Thanks Johnboyzzz
  9. 3.2 Million compo!

    All those tins of babies heads and cheese possessed!!!

    I'll get my coat :D