3-2-1 Bomb Gone

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Thing, Apr 11, 2006.

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  1. I take you will not be asking him to autograph your copy then?
  2. I can't think of a single 'Wedge' who has written an account of how utterly brave he is within the world of EOD. Can the Really Large Corps say the same thing? Mmmmmmmmm......NO! When it comes to self publicity the RLC is streets ahead.
  3. Thing if you have the book please can you put some of the better paragraphs on here for comment!
  4. Better than I could possibly have hoped for. Nice one Thing. You've made my day!
  5. Re-trade! In your dreams, mate.

    The career office clearly saw your storeman-like aptitude so there you will stay, my boy.
  6. Well I couldn't say who the 'stroker' is, well not to start with. But after the series of insecure 'bitter and twisted' vitriol from the originator of this thread, it's pretty plain really.

    Come on thing, you're better than biting and shouting down the simplest of comments aren't you? Try proving it.
  7. Hmmm, whats the required BARB test score for a Combat engineer? Oh thats right its lower than that of an Ammunition Technician. Enough Said.

    Back to the earlier point. Gents, thing started a thread in the RLC forum about an RLC Officer. Not only shouldn't it concern you, but also you shouldn't be commenting when you have nothing constructive to say and you'll so easily get blown out of the water.
  8. Arrse is the only place available where you can have a really good rant without resorting to knocking the cnuts out. So really, Arrse is keeping the Courts Martial system clear (for RAF war dodgers).

    If they've p1ssed you off - go for it! I certainly have in the past.

    Like your style Thing!
  9. spleen venting really lowers your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels!
  10. Back to the thread - I would just like to say that the book was a well written, pictoral and historical look at what makes us tick.

    Calvin and Hobbes - homicidal psycho jungle cat; Sorry but that 321 book is arrse, and whats more, ex-PANTO used his 2 years in current post to write it when he was meant to be working.
  11. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    So can anyone tell me whether it is worth a read or not?

    Has anyone bought one, or should I ask my local library to get a copy? (Obviously don't want to line ex-PANTO's pockets myself as a matter of principle).

    If its not worth reading, I will save myself a trip to the library as its in the opposite direction to the pub.

    Is anyone here prepared to admit to buying a copy and reading it yet?
  12. Off topic (cos it's ARRSE apparently) that is a fine sig block that gets better, but why are the crew not smiling? Is it just too small (the sig block not the M3 - they're huge!)?