3,000 Passports stolen

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SuperSnake092, Jul 29, 2008.

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  1. 3,000 Passports have been stolen from a van on its way to RAF Northolt.

    Times on line link

    The Home Office and Identity and Passport Service (IPS) claims they have taken taken “preventative action” to guard against forgeries.

    Something smells a bit funny about this. I doubt they were being transported in a van marked "Blank passports please take one"

    Whats going to dissapear next?
  2. Why, do you want one, I know where they are being sold, velly cheap!!

    What's next to go missing, too late HE has, OUR MP from his brain!
  3. What chances that the "secure transit" of these documents, was being carried out by a really reputable courier firm, or not, as the case may be?
  4. What are the chances that the 'secure carrier' was the lowest bidder for the contract?

  5. If it's parcelforce then they've probably just been dumped in the nearest river by the driver.
  6. While it has not been mentioned that the transport was contract i doubt very much that it wasn't.

    Once again it would seem the lowest bidder contracting out has paid off, why did we ever need messengers or associated grades within the civil service when contractors do such a sterling job.

    or am i just having a cynical attack again
  7. Just another faux pas by this goverment to and to the 'against list' which is getting very long.
    The 'for' list is erm....... empty.
  8. Can't wait for the new ID cards to come in so that they can misplace all our details as well. Is there nothing that this so called Gobment can't mess up?
  9. They have been banging on about the passports - but from my limited understanding they will be found out toute suite when the chip comes up blank?

    My concern is the Vignettes - the Visas that are issued by embassies abroad to come into Britain. Surely they are more valuable to your average people trafficker in the short term?
  10. What is going on, we can detain and abuse our own people for 42 days but we can not punish those who are responsible for security failures like this.
  11. I have done some investigaiton on the courrier company:

    The company involved is called Abduls Cab Co, was awarded the Goverment contract on the 1st April 2008 the £10,000,000,000.00 contract was awarded to Mr Abdul due to the high security devices fitted to the vehicle as he had a 50p padlock fitted as well as the standard lock on his 1984 Datsun Cherry.
    Mr Abdul was unavailable for comment, it is believed he has gone on holiday to Pakistian.

  12. According to the latest BBC news bulletin the van was nicked when the driver stopped to buy a newspaper!!

    No sign of an inside job there then (better add 'allegedly' just in case :D ).
  13. It looks like its just a media spin story , true they lost a couple of thousand passports but they are totally useless , looks like some security firm is going to approach the goverment to ensure it does'nt happen for a large contract this is where all the tax go's to my 2 year old could run the country better
  14. Pardon? WIH do you mean they're 'totally useless'? Add to that the visa vignettes, and this is a complete spheres-up, breaching security best-practice for valuable cargo.
    What type of vehicle was the kit being carried in? Doesn't sound to me, granted from the Beeb reports, that it had the sort of security features we insist on for similar moves of high-value, low-bulk product. If in doubt, or there is even a perceived threat, we also use escort vehicles. It's just SOP.
  15. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    This is not actually true. The passports can and will have details entered onto them to order. The quality will vary, but all the documents need to do is fool the airline staff at the country of embarkation. Once the passenger has arrived at these shores, they have achieved their goal. If they are otherwise undocumented, in possession of no other identity papers and have a name of their choosing - they are guaranteed a free house/money/permanent stay. And to the comment that the bio date chip will flag it up as a forged document - plenty of genuine passports' bio metric data does not work as it is supposed to. Its the stolen batch numbers being flagged up that is more likely to be the clincher.