2YORKs battle group - Herrick

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by super_stab69, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. Hey, can anyone tell me what the crack is with this deployment? my SPSI said that if i wanted to go to afgan, i should go on this, but i need to make up my mind fast.

    please dont post stuff that would breach OPSEC, PM me with anything you know about it, eg were is Pre Op training, dates of deployment, what are the lad like ext...

    anyone from 2yorks i would love to here from, both new guys and old 'n' bold
  2. Too late, all the training is done, and move to H7 is VERY soon.

    I'm sure it's 2 yorks [?] Battalion The Green Howards that are going out, rather than all 4 battations going out. I could be mistaken though.

    My lads said they were shit when we tought them some stuff on exercise.
  3. cheers for that, but there S3 said that there still might be a chance to get on with them if my paperworks fcukin swift.
  4. I bet they can spell taught properly though??
  5. will you geeks stop being tossers with the spelling and grammar inspections. it's a fuck1ng internet forum, not a twatt1ing service paper.
  6. Don't give me that crap about substance versus form asr1. Today a mispelling, tomorrow a hatch on a submarine...
  7. msr

    msr LE

  8. why would people talking on a forum about 2YORKs battle group be inchardge on a submarine hatch?
  9. me no spell good, sorry
  10. Probably because the original custodians had recently surrendered to either the IOW Ferry or a Port Said harbour-master and they had been asked to sort it out for them?

    It is a figure of speech super_stab69. How about if I say "if you write badly habitually, when you are placed under stress you will both write and communicate badly as a natural reaction with no alternative discipline to fall back on"? Do the words "Charge of the Light Brigade" mean anything to you? 8)

    By the way, I have never been called a geek before though I have been described as tosser and far worse in the past!! :roll:
  11. to be honest i appreciate your atention to detail, keeps illiterate cavs out.
  12. or chavs, for that matter (tho it keeps the cav out too, always a plus)
  13. geek
  14. You have to be taking the p*ss! :roll:
  15. What are you talking about, im an infantryman, we never take the piss.