2x Signed Paperbacks by Jeremy Clarkson

Thanks for another two great books for the auctions, PRT. :thumright:

If you want to bid for one of them, please copy the lines below. Thank you. :)

How hard can it be - £x with

I know you got soul - £x with
:lol: It might end up in confusion when the next bidder changes only one book, Cutaway. ;-)

So, may I change it to this:

How hard can it be - £20 with Cutaway

I know you got soul - £20 with Cutaway
I would just like to point out to prospective buyers that 'I know you got soul' might be the best book that I ever read.
In the interests of fairness, perhaps you should point out that the only other 2 books you have read are 'The Litunanian Policeman's Guide to Basket Weaving' and 'The Sunday Times Top 24 Recipes for Pasta'.
Don't worry, EtA, I believe in you to finish your second book one day also. :)

How hard can it be - £20 with Cutaway

I know you got soul - £20 with Cutaway

Congratulation, Cutaway !!

For £40 both signed books are yours.

Thank you for supporting Hols4Heroes.

Same to everyone else who bid as well.
And a BIG thanks to PRT who donated the item.

Please transfer the money to the following account:

Bank: Holidays4heroes
Sort: 40-12-09
Acct: 41416081

IBAN: GB29MIDL40120941416081
Swift: MIDLGB2120G

And afterwards please PM me confirmation details of the payment
and PRT the address you want to have your signed books sent to.​

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