Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by HarveyMac, Aug 26, 2008.

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  1. Could anybody please enlighten me as to how long it takes after you finish your basic training before you move onto your trade training, i've heard previously you get 2 weeks before you move on. does it depend upon your chosen corps/trade, or does it just depend on when things start and end? Cuz told me at Arborfield they had a group of lads turn up that'd just finished their basic 2 days before, (all still had a skinfull ; )).

    Any info'd be good, purely out of interest,

    :puker: :pukel: (mabye they were abit like them?haha )
  2. You finish phase 1 and go on leave, you will then be posted to your phase 2 Unit where you will shortly start trade training or be moved into a holding troop until your course starts.

    The holding troop will support the Unit in mostly manpower tasks (fatigues and guards) but it also offers chances of extra training (mil and adv) and leave.
  3. didnt know about the whole holding troop, quite interesting, seems like most peoples experiences are slightly different, to be expected mind! Can imagine after P1 you'd wanna get cracking with P2, maybe not, i aint done it, couldnt say!
  4. My son only had 1 week! :( Although he can come home most weekends.

    4 hours but he still wants to come.
  5. As you said - it depends on your cap badge, your Phase 2 course start date - if they only run every 3 months, would you rather have no time in between, or wait for 3 months in a holding troop doing crap jobs?

    A rough standard is 2 weeks, but some will be less, or more, depending on circumstances.

    My advice - don't book any holidays yet, until you know the dates (and are sure of completing Phase 1!).
  6. When I finished basic it depended where you were going for your phase 2.

    Your bit about Arborfield seems correct since the blokes in my Plt who were going there only got a long weekend, while the rest going to Bordon got 2 weeks.

    Serves them right for wishing to be a tech spanker!

    This was 10 years ago though.
  7. Tech Spanker indeed.

    I finished Phase 1 on the Friday, and had to be at Arborfield for 1500 Sunday for bedding issues etc.
    Lovely jubbly.