Discussion in 'RAC' started by dirk_digler, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Ok guys and gals, just a quicky.

    Can anyone here tell me the day to day role of a subaltern in 2RTR and what I can expect should I be successful at Sandbags. I have booked myself into a FAM visit as recommended by you smart bunch but this is in Jan2010.

    So, when not on deployment/exercise what would be my role as a 2ndLt?

    Not a wah. appreciate your anticipated feedback, including the inevitable ribbing!
  2. Same as every RAC regiment - a combination of running your troop (looking after your soldiers careers, making sure the tank park is running smoothly... well agreeing with whatever the Tp Sgt is doing...) and any other jobs given to you by the Sqn Ldr or RHQ (property checks, regimental journal articles to write, Orderly Officer, mess silver/evnets etc).

    Never the same day twice, plenty of moving about during the day. Squadron PT a few mornings a week, sports afternoon on a wednesday if you're lucky, liekwise an early knock-off on a friday. Dinner in the mess, with all the livers in eating together every night.

    Bare in mind you'll commission not into 2RTR but the RTR, although you'll most likely serve at the Second first. You will almost certainly do time at the First (Jt CBRN Regt, or A Sqn at the LWCBG).
  3. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

    Stay off the Tank park ;)
  4. Agreed,nothing worse than a nig officer running around the tank park trying to tell you about tanks when he aint got a clue.
  5. One understands that the crabs have finished playing at Gasman so the 'Joint' has been dropped.
  6. Now the rockapes don't have need two deployed Field Sqns at any one time I think 27 Sqn will be justifying their existence and hence crawling back to a bit of NoBodyCares.
  7. I suppose barrier technicians will have some use.
  8. I seem to remember all the subalterns sepending their time anywhere BUT the tank park!

    Generally enjoying a G & T on the veranda in the Mess, then again things have probably changed since I was a Tankie........................................................ they have ice now.