2RTR to Transfer to RAF?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JoeCivvie, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. At least that's what the Sun seems to infer:

  2. The newspaper report says that the incident is under investigation. It does not say that 2RTR personnel were involved in the incident.
  3. 2 RTR were not involved in the accident, read a proper report in a proper newspaper, not this comic.
  4. If it can´t survive a crash in scrubland then how is it supposed to cope with an IED explosion?40 Grand for bumps and scratches or did the wheels fall off?
  5. I known, I was being provocative, but the Sun has headlined it as 'RAF Warthog in Joyride'
  6. Most likely damaged running gear, which is probably the most 'delicate' bit of the vehicle.
  7. The Station Commander is being investigated, if I read the article correctly. Now that is a story!
  8. Complete Non story there Joe Civvie,

    Can you try harder or should you bore off? discuss.......
  9. Well, it was a pretty poor show, I mean, a Warthog?
    If one is going to muck about with equipment, the Flygvapnet(Swedish Air force) clearly excel at this.

    SAAB Viggen

    The powers that be have apparently invited them to repay the cost of the fuel. So far.