2RTR to Transfer to RAF?

At least that's what the Sun seems to infer:

RAF Warthog in ‘joyride’

A BUNCH of airmen allegedly smashed up an armoured truck heading for the Afghan frontline - on a JOYRIDE.

They were said to have crashed the £1.5million Warthog troop carrier into scrubland while careering round the RAF Akrotiri base in Cyprus.

Crash ... RAF Akrotiri

MoD sources said nearly £40,000 damage was caused to the brand new, state-of-the-art fighting vehicle.

One said last night: "It was ready to go to the frontline in Helmand if needed but had to be repaired. It was stuck in a workshop in Cyprus.

"It really was a shocking waste of money for what looked like a quick thrill.
"It's all being investigated now but there is no reason why the vehicle was where it was when it was damaged."

Red-faced military insiders confirmed that station commander Group Captain John Bessell is being investigated over the November 9 incident.

Probe ... Group Captain John Bessell

Soldiers or "Tankies" from the 2nd Royal Tank Regiment - now known as the Warthog Group - are in Afghanistan and this week traded in their old Viking vehicles for the upgraded Warthog troop-carrier, which is better able to withstand roadside bombs. David Cameron met them in Helmand and inspected the vehicles. RAF Akrotiri serves as a refuelling stopover for troops and kit going to and from Afghanistan. War-weary squaddies spend time there after tours to relax before going home.

The MoD denied the crash delayed the Warthog's deployment. A spokesman said: "The damaged vehicle has been fully repaired and this incident, which is now under investigation, has not caused any delay in deployment to Afghanistan.
"It would be inappropriate to comment further while the investigation takes place."

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The newspaper report says that the incident is under investigation. It does not say that 2RTR personnel were involved in the incident.
2 RTR were not involved in the accident, read a proper report in a proper newspaper, not this comic.
The newspaper report says that the incident is under investigation. It does not say that 2RTR personnel were involved in the incident.
I known, I was being provocative, but the Sun has headlined it as 'RAF Warthog in Joyride'
If it can´t survive a crash in scrubland then how is it supposed to cope with an IED explosion?40 Grand for bumps and scratches or did the wheels fall off?
Most likely damaged running gear, which is probably the most 'delicate' bit of the vehicle.
The Station Commander is being investigated, if I read the article correctly. Now that is a story!
Well, it was a pretty poor show, I mean, a Warthog?
If one is going to muck about with equipment, the Flygvapnet(Swedish Air force) clearly excel at this.

SAAB Viggen

The powers that be have apparently invited them to repay the cost of the fuel. So far.
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