2RTR since 1992?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by boreclear, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. Any guys ex 2 since the regiment got to Fally in 92?
  2. There's quite a few out here, think most are still serving though. Nice pic by the way!
  3. I got out Nov '99.
  4. you got extankie too, he is still in but is now a rossa so technically smells of pork and thus can join the gang i feel!
  5. I left 2 RTR in Oct 93
  6. Why thank you.
  7. March 2001 for me......mind I was posted from 1993...who is the lucky one!!
  8. Abandoning the sinking ship? ah i tried that but they made me come back!

    Love the new pic EXTANKIE.......very apt!

    TROOPER142 you gonna give us a few hint to your identity?
  9. Ahhh Ex Tankie I used to play pool with you and sup beers sfter work when we both ilived in Canada. You were living on the wrong side of the tracks though mate :(
  10. Glad your back Raiden! He has always been on the wrong side!
  11. I was in Badger Sqn in Fally the first time , Then in uk bovvy vehicle sqn and then atdu and after the amalgamation and the return to Fally it was F sqn . I left before the un cyprus tour though my brother stayed in a bit longer.
  12. Did you not leave around Christmas time? :wink: :wink:
  13. It took you that long to realise he liked Carrols...
  14. I was old f too in fact most of the guys on this thread were old f i think.
  15. Them were the days of Mad Maj T****n.