2RTR Afganistan

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Dewi_Sant, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. Says in the following link that 2RTR or elements of are deploying to Afghanistan. Are the tanks going as well or are they going in the dismounted role. Sorry if this question has already been answered somewhere else.

  2. ask s54 for the offical line..
  3. hey saint david what do you want to go to a war zone?
  4. I'm in the QDG so have already been to a war zone, and no I'm not on about Dreamers on the weekend smart ARRSE. And I think you will find so have 2RTR a few times.
    I was asking as I have a mate in 2RTR and he said he didn't have a clue.
  5. sorry dewi i was also 2RTR and i have alot of mates still in there I have also lost mate who were in S**VE R*B**TS RIP in IRAQ so I know what you mean who are your mates?
  6. If you were still in the last 5yrs, you may know them. If not you probably won't. When did you get out?
  7. nah i got out in 1995 so i probably wont know them
  8. Steve Roberts. It's public knowledge so why not write it in full?
  9. because TC was a good friend
  10. 2 RTR are off to Afgan, FALCON deploy soon for a 6th month tour on a new vehicle called mastiff (big F off truck with 6 wheels and more guns than bin ladens garden shed). CYCLOPS and BADGER are off back to Iraq in May ish and EGYPT are already in Iraq!!!!!!! As well as all that 2 RTR move back to Tidworth in the summer with no-one bar RHQ to do it. Gotta love Blair! Overstreach? What? Us? Never.

    Just another day inthe corp
  11. P.S RIP Steve, we all still miss him.
  12. hey hesh stay safe there buddy :thumright:
  13. Looks a beast, whats with the armour blocking the gun turret views though? :scratch:


  14. Bottom of the 2 pics seems to show a hatch in the top left corner or is it just a vent or something?
  15. thats to get into the challenger turret thats mounted on the top..