2RRF to march on Parliment (Daily Wail)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by northern-matelot, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. Serving soldiers (sailors & airmen) are not allowed to attend any political event in uniform, unless on duty. If serving soldiers do decide to attend this event, I would suggest that they would be well advised not to wear any item of uniform, not even a beret.
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  2. What's happening is utterly insane, a fully recruited Bn is being chopped in order to save one that is massively under recruited, just to make us popular with the Scots ('cos they will really appreciate it).
    The Budgies have my full support, based on common sense.

    Anyhow, it isn't an "anti Government demonstration", so how are they going to charge them with that? The purpose of the demo is to save their unit.
    The govt will not like that because it will draw attention to their politically motivated decision. Tough.
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  3. Daily wail non-story. No mention of soldiers going, just a quote from ex-fusilier saying 'I'm sure some soldiers will join us'. Also, why use Army Act 55, when Army Act 06 is now de rigeur?
  4. Because their readership still have a 1950's mindset?
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  5. 400 dodderers - that'll scare 'em!
  6. Topped up by Griffin and Farage.
  7. <ahem> Armed Forces Act 2006. All encompassing jointery you see.
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  8. The Fusiliers kicked off when they were merged in to the RRF...

    It's all got silly now. They've said their piece, we all know it's b0llocks they are getting chopped but nothing will change that.

    Go out with dignity FFS.
  9. Typical Hate - a non-story which they have ramped up by using the loaded word 'on' in the headline.

    At the very outside they are planning to march 'to' Parliament.
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  10. If you were a member of 2RRF (and a mate of mine is), would you:

    a/ Act like the firemen under Andy Gilchrist a few years ago - "emoting" like an X-Factor twat to try and get what you want and bleating, snivelling, pissing & moaning about "how you deserve better",


    b/ See your Bn out with the dignity, respect and decency that their Colours deserve. Which is, incidentally, your duty by the way.

    I truly hope that this article is true-to-form Daily Mail horseshite. If not, the short-term benefit of making the 2RRF blokes feel better (because that is ALL it'll achieve) will be massively outweighed by the damage it will do to HM Forces in the public's perception. By and large, stand fast the Cornwall debacle and Royal's ALLEGED misdemeanours of recent, Joe Public thinks his military are the dog's danglies at the moment. Is that really worth jeopardising to make 400 ex-squaddies feel better about something that is going to happen anyway....?

    Oh,and if any serving troops march on this, I'd charge the lot of them.
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  11. The good thing about history is that it is preserved for ever (esp with internet servers). What we do in life, literally echos through eternity.

    Bunch of whiners or proud, stoics? That is the descision 2RRF face.

    The disbandment question is set in stone, those who made that call will live with it, die with it and know that forever more by this action they will be known.
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  12. FFS. The RRF Regimental Association veterans decide to hand in a petition, protesting their disbandment, to Parliament and people start questioning the dignity and integrity of 2RRF?
    The RRF Association is merely exercising their right to protest - the fact they are former soldiers is neither here nor there.

    I'm a Scot and a former member of a Scottish regiment whose Association fought bitterly (alas futilely) to avoid amalgamation when other less well recruited Scottish Bns were allowed to retain their, albeit parenthetical, identity. To go willingly, sheeplike, is alien to some - it was to the KOSB!
    I must confess to being shocked when I heard 2RRF, a vibrant, well recruited, consistently up to strength Bn, were going to be axed when consistently under strength, struggling, Scottish Bns weren't! Very sad, very foolish!

    So good luck to the Old & Bold of the RRF, even though their protest will be in vain they'll go with a roar, as befits their superb history, and not a whimper!
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  13. Only the more enlightened ones.
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  14. Your Regt Col was the ONLY Honoury Col on the Council of Colonels to not turn up to the final meeting where this was being deicided, but his minion was the only one to vote against the amalgamation in to teh Royal Regiment of Scotland.

    Royal Regiment of Scotland, Scottish Division, Army