2RJG LAD, 1998 - 2000?

Discussion in 'REME' started by smudge67, Jan 2, 2005.

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  1. The best bunch of lads, and SNCOs I ever had the pleasure to serve with. An LAD full of character, and humour (except a certain AQMS). Anyone out there.....would be good to catch up with a few of you.
  2. Thanks for the email Q, but it wasn't you. It was the fella after you. As for the rest of you boys???
  3. Smugde; did that photo of you ever appear anywhere, you know the one on the front gate at the Wool factory in Kos :wink:
  4. Did he have old Prince Albert with him???, that scared a few wives in the LAD bar the first time he pulled it out.
  5. Hi fellas, how's things?? I'm great, living in London now. Email me if you're ever down my way (smudge67er@hotmail.com).

    Don't know if the photo ever made it to press? All I know is that a charge was imminent if it did!!

    The PA's still fine, and the ladies are still loving it!!

    Hope to hear from you all soon.
  6. Found it Smudge :wink:
  7. Was there before the dates stated, top LAD, top Bn, top location, but it was 2 RGJ.
  8. I was there with 2LI from Apr 94 and left in Dec 97, a year after 2 RGJ replaced them. The last year, when it was 2 RGJ LAD, was undoubtedly the best although my whole posting was superb.

    I returned to that camp in May 02 just as 1 LI were taking over and had, yet again, another outstanding posting. Top blokes from bottom to top in the LAD and some highly memorable nights in the LAD bar and downtown Paderborn.

    Good Times!!!!!!!
  9. The night a Warrior almost went for a drive into Paderborn kind of sticks in my mind :)
  10. Haha - just one of the many "should have been" disasters. The funniest thing was that everyone except you, Nige, was so drunk that a Warrior being started up at midnight didn't seem at all abnormal. It was you sprinting from 30 yards away, getting up on the deck and dragging the culprit out by the ears, all in around 2.5 secs that made us all realise what was going on.

  11. I've not been there but I did here it was full of gays between 98~00, hope this helps.
  12. There you go mate I've corrected that for you. :wink:
  13. I was there 2000-2002 as a 1st Tour Tiffy. Happy Days. Good social, good football and a good bunch of guys. Pity the mess presentation from 2 RGJ was a photocopied certificate in a plastic frame!!!!!!!!!
  14. I was there 97-99, R Coy Fitters prior to Class 1 then obv the best Fitter Section to ever grace the barracks 'Support Coy'. **** Durch!

    Awesome Bosnia tour, things that stand out...RSM+Recce Platoon 'bombing' into the AAC dip pool out side the bar from off the roof!

    CO parading everyone in the Tom Factory and telling them that if he falls over one more drunken/sleeping soldier on his way to the showers he will stop the alcohol.

    Camp Sargent Major...grey haired CQMS who thought he was Hitler re-incarnated...in reality total knobber.

    To top it off some 19yr old bird Chef arrived to the drool of everyone...only to find out she was allegedly shagging some old CQMS geezer!!