2Q on a briefing and My Sponser is off on Holiday


Thats right I gained a 2Q on Briefing, I was then instantly told that it is a grading that is no longer used. So I'm slightly confused.

I should have guessed this was going to happen from the initial interview with my group leader, when she suggested I was too thick to join her corps (that I had placed on my form in 3rd choice as a filler) and that my first choice, an infantry regiment would be far more suited to my "limited Education".

Now I have a HNC, and have completed a year of Uni, I am currently chasing up the my old Uni for an academic transcript to show I am have completed my Uni year and did actually drop out due to financial reasons, not because as was suggested by my group leader, that I might not have been able to cope with the academic side of uni life.

Anyhoo little rant over, on my de-brief the education officer was far friendlier and after going over my MAP results suggested that I finish my degree through the OU, as it would be well within my abilaties. I agree that this would be a good idea but unfortunately that could take up to 3 years to finish after I transfer over credits (the courses start in 2010) this would leave me at the upper age limit for RMAS. All the way up until briefing I was lead to believe that I had double the UCAS points required.

So does anyone have any clue as to what I am rambling on about and if so shouldn't my HNC and Academic Transcript be enough?

I'm trying to sort this out myself, as I said my sponser, who has always been very helpful, is on Holiday so unable to point me in any direction.


Does 2Q mean something like: "Category 2- delayed until qualifications are confirmed?" or "Category 2- delayed until qualifications are improved?"

If you have the UCAS points then surely you are fine to enter as a non-grad?

Even if you have been to uni and dropped out I can't see why that would stop you going on to main board.


Delayed until Qualifications improved.

Otherwise I would be cat 1 and asked to have my certificates certified at my local recruitment office.
It is confusing me too, they just kept saying how the Scottish system was different to the English one, but it is not a question of Highers and A-Levels, it is above that level.

I shall try phoning the Further education recruitment officer after lunch and see if he is any the wiser.

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