Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Swampy06, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. I understand they are in Woolwich at the current time, I have herd they are due to go afghan 2013 August time can anyone confirm , also where r they due to be based next thanks
  2. Hey fella, just saw this here and noticed no one had replied to it. 2 PWRR are indeed in Woolwich, proper shith*le if there ever was one! Had an officer interview there a couple of days ago, but its also quite nice inside the barracks! Regimental Captain told me during the interview that the next time they'd be in Afghan was 2014, for the penultimate Op Herrick tour. No idea where they'll be based next though, seems as though no one there really knows how long they'll be in Woolwich for, or where they'll go afterwards, that's the impression I got anyway.
  3. Afghan is a dog
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  4. OldSnowy

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    2PWRR are in Woolwich - astonishingly close to their recruiting area (in it, in fact) which makes a nice change. They are a fine Batallion, in an excellent Regiment, so best of luck.

    However... the are so well recruited that there may be a delay waiting to get a space in training - the priority goes to those Regiments that are terribly under-recruited (i.e. the Scots).
  5. Cheers guys got my start date 30th September can't wait now cheers for good answers guys
  6. Latest word is 2PWRR won't be getting a Herrick tour...
  7. Same date as me swampy but I'm going GREN GDS.
  8. I can confirm that 2PWRR will not be going to Afghan however will conduct training up to CT3 including at the moment an OTX to kenya.............................that is if 2PWRR stillexists after the SDSR
  9. As a mother of a young serviceman in 2PWRR do I really want where and when he will be places published on a fairly open forum. God knows who might use information like this for God knows what. Please think twice before asking or answering questions like this! Many thanks :silent:
  10. It's made public anyway.
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  11. Can anyone explain this for me ? Such as points of training upto ct3 ? , otx to kenya ? Thanks guys
  12. All of this information is available easily with a quick google search. Thats the whole reason that barracks have fences and mod police on the gates, so that your son is perfectly safe in Woolwich, and whatever other posting he has in the future.
  13. Plus specific dates/times and locations are kept off the internet. Opsec rules.. At 0930hrs tomorrow I shall be conducting a CTR on the alcohol aisle, Tesco, Luton. Any wanna be terrorists, feel free to try and abduct me, but you'd better come armed and ready for a fight..
  14. i wouldnt put anything on here that would compromise OPSEC your young soldier probably says more about what he is doing in one of the many pubs surrounding woolwich which are full of allsorts of dodgy people, that is probably a bigger risk to OPSEC with the nationalities that are there.