2nr Motoring queries.


Can you advise me on the following motoring queries?

1. You know when you the speed limit change on a Motorway from 70 to 50 because there is a corner coming? Well, when does the 50 limit stop, because the national spped limit sign is never shown at the other end of the corner?
Do you just assume that the 70 limit reapplies once you've come through the corner and are back on the straight?
Is ti 100 meters after the exit of the corner? Is it up to you to decide when you feel that in all likelihood the 50 limit has now changed back to normal?
I know I’ve never seen a camera or a rozzer on a corner but I’ve got 6 points and I'm paranoid. This paranoia is the reason for these queries, as I appear to be the only person in the world who ever slows down on Motorway corners!

2. When the illuminated temporary speed limit lights come on, are these 'proper' speed limits and enforceable or are they purely advisory.
Two reasons for this, recently I had to drive from Bath to London early in the morning and found myself all alone doing 40mph for miles because the signs said so.
Today on the M4, the temporary lights flashed on to state that there was debris on the motorway and so the temporary lights came on for 50 and then a mile or so further on went down to 30.
I slowed down to 30 in accordance with these signs and found myself crawling along while hundreds of irate troche drivers and national Express coaches swerved arpo8und and thundered past me.

Now I know this sounds like a stupid thing to do by following the rules but I’ve already got 6 points and don't want to jeopardize my job by getting more points for not following these temporary speed limits, or by deciding to speed up when I think that the 50 limit has probably finished (even thought there's no sign to state this'

Firstly the speed limits on bends on motorways are only advisory for the bend... but don't quote me. Traffic plod please help!

Secondly the temporary and variable limits on the M25 et al, where bounded by a red circle are mandatory. Ignore them at your licence's peril! There will always be a National Speed Restriction sign (the big diagonal stripe) where the temporary lowering ends.

Where the limits are not bounded by a red circle they are advisory. You cannot be done for speeding but you're not going to have much of a defence if you get stopped for dangerous driving, and your insurance company will be sure to wriggle out of paying if you have an accident.

The advisory limits are there usually because of an accident or other temporary hazard, by all means carry on at 70 but increase the gap between you and the vehicle in front be very prepared to brake hard or take evasive action. The hazard may be something like a shredded truck tyre or a other piece(s) of debris. The limit will be in place until the Police or Highways Agency can get to it and clear it.

Again once passed the hazard/speed restriction you will see the NSR diagonal stripe.
Issimondias said:
When the illuminated temporary speed limit lights come on, are these 'proper' speed limits and enforceable or are they purely advisory
They are enforceable. If there are speed camreas around then they may be linked to the signs in some areas if the local police have the technology, some have, some havn't, best to assume they have.

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