2nd Tech Board?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Big_Kahoona, Aug 22, 2007.

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  1. I have heard a rumour that a second Cpl-Sgt tech board has sat. Does anyone know if these rumours are true and if they are i was wondering if anyone has the results. If so could you please PM them to me.
  2. Not seen the results but they are out and alot more people have come off than the last one
  3. Not heard anything about this but then again I haven't seen a squadron of pigs flying by either so I'll just wait out till next year.


    "Edited for being a mong"
  4. Where you seen them mate? Nothing heard here, not even a shithouse rumour about a second board (in fact, this must be the first year in nine that I haven't heard those rumours).
  5. I did see the results about 15 people came off. One of which I used to work with so it's official that hell has actually frozen over.

    Might mean theres a chance for me next time (who the fcuk am I kidding)

    It also said that all sgts slots are now filled and it's dead mans shoes from now on. Well not in those exact words but more in army speak.
  6. not quite all posts have been filled. I have just left one of those posts with no nominated replacement
  7. Nothing heard here either! Do they even bother publishing them anywhere?
  8. Statement from the APC:

    Central Promulgation of Soldier Promotion Board Results. Hopefully starting with publication on 2 Feb 07 of the results of the SSgt-WO2 promotion board held in Jan 07, MS(C) will produce a single document publicising the soldier promotion board results, for all Arms and Services, for every soldier promotion board held in the APC. It will be disseminated through the MS Chain.

    Of course that was over 6 months ago and you now have the wonderful fluffy admin cloud called JPA. So anything could happen.

    You might find yourself commissioned to GoC technical, with a pay award index linked to a probationary McDonalds till operator; providing that:

    The second letter of your surname resembles the omega symbol.
    Your fingers bear the scars of multiple RF burns.
    You've forgotten Ohms Law.
    You paint the lens of your optical sight matt black (stop it shining in the sun)
    Your current passport is of dubious origin.
    You blagged your way through the domino test at the recruiting office.
    The senior officer on the board is in luv with you.