2nd Stabbing takes place 300m from Lee Rigby

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by DesktopCommando, May 26, 2013.

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  1. Sky Sources: Man Stabbed In Woolwich

    Sky sources say a man has been stabbed in Woolwich, just days after the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby.
    The stabbing took place about 300 metres from the spot where flowers and cards have been left in memory of Drummer Rigby.
    A police source and witnesses have confirmed to Sky News that the stabbing had taken place.
    It is not clear if there is any connection between the stabbing and Drummer Rigby's murder.
    Earlier, the soldier's family visited the scene of the attack, as memorial services are held in his honour across the country.
    More follows...
  2. I don't think people getting stabbed in Woolwich is that rare an event in the general run of things.
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  3. Back to normal in Woolwich then. Last time I heard it is Somalians vs other Africans.
  4. Allahu akbar!!!
  5. Tch! Call your self a Welshman coming out with that!
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  6. Fyp.
  7. FFS

    Knife crime in south London - happens every day. The only " news worthiness " in this is a terrible murder round the courner.

    No doubt the usual site suspects will turn this into the, now very normal, muslim/EDL hate/love slagging match. Apparently 50% of this site work for a supermarket or a trade ******* union...... Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh get a grip!

    Arrse used to be a laugh now it's dull, so dull and predictable.
  8. Happy Feckin Christmas - does that help?