2nd(NI) Bn camp Fremington 2006

Well, we got back on Thursday from 10 days at Fremington,where I was part of the One Star Cadre.This year,things were done differently.Instead of each Company teaching their own cadets,all the companies were intermixed,cadets & adults alike, into X,Y & Z coy with Caladon going to Dartmoore :twisted: .
And it worked...WELL!! Everybody enjoyed themselves more & got far more out of it than previous years.The kids made new friends (even the odd budding romance was spotted) & it was a change for us working with new people.The one thing that put a downer on it was the day out was in home Company order.(That is being looked at for next year tho)
All the Officers & Staff (Inc the 4 OTC from Queens we had were very good!) worked well & no major dramas occured.We even had one cadet who came second in the national St Johns Ambulance First Aid Comp!(Well done that lad!)
The weather was scorchingly hot & we went thru litterally a ton of suncream.The majority of the kids listened & drank water instead of pop.
All the cadets went out on the Royal Marines landing craft & thourally enjoyed it.(One lad was heard to say "Funk the Army,I'm joining the Marines!"when we docked)
We also had one cadet leaving to join the Rugular Army & a ex cadet returned to say hi after passing his SBS selection.It also marked the last camp for the RSM who's off for his labotomy prior to joining the Officers Mess & the Cadet RSM who'll be joining us next year in the WO & Sgts mess.
Great camp & a great time was had by all!
Hey, i was one of the Queens OTC guys (not the southerner). I had a great time over in Fremington, weather was amazing, too hot in fact. Really enjoyed the chance to hold a command position too, although as we were all dealing with 1 stars it was quite a challenge to make sure everything got done. Landing craft was good, prefer the rigid raider though.. should be seeing you lot next year as well, most likely encounter y'all down in Ballykinler before then, although i understand everyone is split up into their home companies.
Hey, just noticed your post there, i was at Fremington and was working with the 1 star cadre as well! I was the Y Company CSM enjoyed the camp but the cadets were a bunch of maggots! I cant think who u are though, the only Spike i can think of the Training Major is that you? :D

The Y Company lot definitely didnt drink enough water in the last few days they were colapsing all over the place.

This person who u said passed his SBS selection, who is that? Rambo who visited us is currently doing his Marine training but he hasnt passed out yet if u were thinking about him

Hopefully i should b at camp next year if they allow me back with Glasgow UOTC

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