2nd Mercian back home.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Perturbed, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. Just being shown on BBC news 24 2nd Battalion the Mercian Regt homecoming. Being reported in a fairly positive way.

    EDIT to add: They lost 9 troops and came under atack as they where pulling out. Well done fellows. Enjoy some well earned time-off.
  2. live on sky news aswell.
  3. The Woofers were always one of those regiments that were largely ignored by the media and I was starting to have my suspicions that the same was going to hold true now that they have become 2 MERCIAN. So it's nice that they are getting some coverage after being put through the grinder for the last six months
  4. Strange how some units apear to be more "photogenic" for the press isn't it?

    Still, the Mercians have been on a few more times since my first post. Both on sky and BBC news 24. The last report was in some ways the best. It included an interview with a young corporal who was saved from a gun shot wound to his head by his helmet. Despite apearing a tad awkward in front of the camera he made some very informing comments.

    1. One of his section that was badly wounded was TA and doing a good job out there (Jacqui Smith hang your head in shame).
    2. The British army are on the offensive and punishing the Taliban.
    3. The local population are very apreciative and helping in the strugle against the Taliban.

    If only (assuming he is crrect) the British public could get the message he gave, people may demand more support for troops from Govt.
  5. Good boys! Well done - bloody well done.

    Anyone know any better soldiers than BRITISH INFANTRY ?

    Thought not.

    Work it out 'Bottler' Brown, you noxious non-entity. Remember, in the real world you would not be in charge of a NAAFI queue!

  6. The TA guy who was very seriously wounded (because of persec will remain nameless)came from 4 Mercian and is now recovering slowly I`ve been to see him twice in Selly Oak and he is now at Headley Court
  7. Thanks for that. I wish him a speedy recovery for what that is worth. Sounds like a hard tour. 9 dead, 17 serious wounded and a few dozen injured according to the news.

    From that and the interviews the chaps did very well. Took the fight to the enemy and looked after each-other. Well done the Mercians! They get my admiration and thanks.

    BTW. A big well done to you as well for looking after the infirm who have returned. Praises to you.
  8. Thanks for that mate but I know him personally and actually served with his father as well in the distant past,I deserve no praise whatsoever and don't we all have a duty to see our fellow soldiers when they are injured btw this lad is 21 and had already completed a Telic tour,he did Im told give a very good account of himself and continued to treat another cas after bieng wounded and was shot agian! but continued to return fire and slotted at least one of the enemy
  9. Good for the both of you. Well done.

    BBC news 24 is reporting again. This time about the poppy appeal and how it aplies to recent casualties. Quite touching TBH.

    1 thing that I cannot understand is why arrse members seem to have given far more support to the R. Anglians than the Mercians. I am not having a dig at the Anglians BTW (bless them). But the Mercians and probably many other units also suffer casualties and deserve support.

    I would say welcome home, 1 and all.
  10. I too know the guy from 4 mercians, i am from the same ta centre as him and me and a few others are trying to raise some money for him. I was hoping to go and visdit him this week. Is it right that they have moved him and how his he getting on.
    Well done 2 mercians and all the TA guys that served with them. I was at the mercian formation parade a couple of months ago and all the guys there were excellent lads.
  11. ben0239 pm me and i`ll bring up to speed after i verify who you are
  12. ben0239 pm me as well. I'm from a MERCIAN (previously WFR) badged ACF unit and my Sergeant Major is ex-1 WFR, so will see what we can do.

    Edited to add my best wishes to 2 MERCIAN and families- well done lads.
  13. The only reason that the Royal anglians got more coverage is because of the press officer. remember its not a compitition on how many get killed either. I am 2 merc and just got home. If the public dont want to support me then fare enough... then dont. I dont want to support them in running there own country into the ground. we joined it it didnt join us. get a grip.
    I would like to give my condolancies to the families of the MEN who did not return and i wish the best recovery posible for those injured what ever unit they serve with... OUT
  14. Well done 2 Mercian, appreciated.

    Polar - ex D (RHR) Coy. 3 WFR