2nd Lt James Hulme, Cavalry, wears Satoriani

Am I the last person to see this? Financial Times magazine at the weekend. Pouting 25 year old fopp in need of a haircut, wearing a dark lounge suit, sitting at 90 degrees on an armchair with one leg over the arm, he's looking down like a simpering tart. The headline, "2nd Lt James Hulme, Cavalry, British Army, wears Sartoriani"

When did this get started?

Where will it end?


Ginger white 18 year old sitting against a locker

"Buckie's totally over-rated man. Bottle ah Nobleman and five Pro Plus is just the same fur hawf the poppy"

Private Shug McCree of the Royal Regiment of Scotland drinks Nobleman.

Preparation H

Smug 40 year old behind wheel

"Forty years of white bread and cooked breakfasts have given me the ring piece from hell. One big squirt of this bad boy up my grinner and I'm good to go".

Sergeant Towser Barrett of the Royal Logistics Corps uses Preparation H.

The precedent has been set. Contact your agents.
See what happens when you read a 'proper' newspaper.
Nearly everyone else in the land was being dazzled and amazed by some ex-pop singer,because she had a new haircut.

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