2nd lieutenant pips for service dress


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I hope you can help - a friend of mine is off to Sandhurst for his officers course on friday and needs to get a set of pips as stated in the title - only he's drawn a bit of a blank from the usual sources. can anyone recommend a supplier that does mail order at all?

thank you all.
Hello there, if you've had no joy from the PRI or back of soldier mag then try E-Mailing these folks, if they don't have any in, they will know someone who does.
sales@thegoldwirebadge.co.uk. Last resort, old faithful E-Bay. Cheers Easy.


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thankyou both - I shall pass this on.
pedantic mode on : they are not pips they are stars pedantic mode off
Sky-Monkey said:
balldrick said:
pedantic mode on : they are not pips they are stars pedantic mode off

why am i a cnut just pointing out something the ds at sandhurst will point out at a louder volume so sorry if i dont meet with your approval
oh hang on a mo no i am not sorry

and cnuts are usefull
You're a cnut because your post is utterly, utterly pointless, of no use whatsoever and ignores the well recognised term for a Bath Star. He asked a fair and honest question and an illiterate tw@t like you comes along, tries to be clever and fails on all counts.

So. To recap. Not only was your post factually incorrect, you're just an ignorant troll trying to be clever who, quite simply, isn't.

Now, fcuk off you cnut.
Whether we all are cünts or not as the case may be the problem lies in terminology. As I once read on this site, "Pips are found in fruit where as Stars are leaders of men!"


Ask for Pips and people know what you are on about but say Bath Stars down a bad phone line and standby for the abuse coming the other way!

And for DodgerH the person off to Sandhurst this Friday could be needing them by the 27 May hence the rush.

Find a nice Subby or Captain and grab their one's (but ask them first as noone likes being demoted without having been told about it).
I don't understand the rush though. You don't need pips (sorry Bath Stars :roll: ) during the course as you don't get commissioned until the end (if you're succesful at all...). I understand the TACC course parade is now done in Blues not No 2's and even if it was still done in 2's you didn't wear officers SD or any pips, you wore OR No 2's with no rank (Even the ex J/SNCOs).

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