2nd Issue kit

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Belt_Twit, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. I've noticed that within our Coy particularly they have stopped giving second issue of some items. You get the second pair of boots, but some are not getting their second issue smock as they 'only need one' - only problem being that 'one' is generally the hooded one and is thus useless for parades.

    Anyone else heard of this?
  2. I thought all the new ones had hoods?
  3. I only have the one (minus the hood) but have been told that we should still be being issued two, especially as the ATRs are apparently stating two on the kit list.
  4. Saw this on CIC and PJNCO's; and the guys that have been through Catterick since me have said the same.

    They tip up, always with one smock, sometimes one set of boots, and are set about by angry DS for not having whats on the Kit list.

    Eventually, they get a word in edgeways and explain they never had it, and amid much muttering about "******* STAB storemen" they are let off.
  5. All well and good.
    I've got recruits turning up with 1pr of boots, 1 Jacket, 1pr Trousers, 1 Shirt 95 and a bag to put them in and officially that's all they're entitled to.

    Who the **** joins the TA to rob a second pair of boots that cost about £15?? That the heel falls off after 6miles.

    If we're good enough to be shot and killed we're good enough to be kitted out the same as regular soldiers. One Army my hole.
  6. They should be getting more than that. I refer you to JSP 336, Vol 12, Pt 3, Annex A to Sect 4:

    But you'd think that PT kit should be issued at this level.
  7. That was my initial issue but when i fininshed Mod 1 and 2 i got a second issue. Still no second jacket though. The kit list for 1C said i needed one so i bought a brand new one myself. Turns out i didn't really need it although having two made life easier in that i could leave the new one in my locker for inspections and not worry about it. Having said that quite a few of the lads only had one jacket so the DS issued them one for the course. This was at Grantham.
  8. Why is a hood on a jacket useless for parade ?

    FTR our lot only get one jacket, and have done for at least 2 years
  9. ******* hell lads, that sounds shitty!

    First kit issue I had with the RAuxAF

    2x Jacket
    Sleeping bag
    Bivvi bag
    Bivvi sheet
    Norgie/fleece/other cold weather
    2xpairs of gloves

    Some other bits and pieces I can't remember and a fitting for No. 1s! I never realised that there was such a difference.
  10. Certainly as an infantry platoon when you've ragged your hooded one around exercises and it's in shite state, you look a lot smarter in a nicely pressed hoodless smock.

    It generally looks smarter for parades to be wearing a hoodless one. Everyone up until recently has gotten two, so it seems strange that they suddenly stop.
  11. the shirts are jackets as said in labels which I presume is why and hooded jacket they are detachable on some and the other ones don't have one I didn't get a 2nd one and the shirt replacing them sounds about right you don't need two so that would explain that.
  12. Feck me, my TA unit (Sigs) doesn't give out half of that on a first issue. Even after the second issue we only have 2 pairs of trousers, 2 shirts, 1 pair of gloves and 1 field jacket.
  13. How many bloody jackets do you need, most TA have been issued one jacket for years. The hooded one is probably the best thing since a windproof and your still moaning.

    A jacket for parades, get a grip, TA will do probably two parades a year Remembrance and a Regimental parade of some sort.

    Get a grip.


    Before someone mentions it, You only get one grip.