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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by nath2008, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi every 1 just a quick question i got my 2nd interview at my local careers office on the 17th june, Wondering whats the questions like? They the same as the first interview? my Recruiter was very happy with my first interview just gotta breif up on my other 2 job breifs, Because it was abit sketchy when i was in there forgot everything i read plus this 2nd one is going to be infront of the colonel or sumthing?

    Any advice i would appreciate ite very much :!:
  2. Maybe research what a Colonel is ..."or sumthing"...?

    Just advice Fella...

    Just advice.

    Another thing.

    Chav 'text' spek duzzn't go down 2 wel on ere.
  3. Absolutly no idea what they will ask as i never had a second interview(im going back in the army thats why i have not had a second interview)

    Its just coming back to me...................................They ask about the job you are going for, and you have to tell them all about what job you want to do in more detail.

    I.e where you going for phase 1 training and how long, then phase 2 and how long.

    Where is your regiment based, where sort of things the regiment are involved in.

    Where you go on your job, more detail on what your jon entails.

    That sort of stuff.
  4. The second interview...

    Mine was with a sergeant. Basically what happened, he was sitting there with all the notes that the recruiter made in the first interview typed up and printed out in front of him. He went over it all with me and asked me to elaborate on certain parts, quizzed me on the same things about my job choices that had already been answered in the first interview then that was it. Told me I'd be getting a letter with my selection date in the next week, came two days later. Alot easier than I was anticipating to tell you the truth.
  5. Ahh great stuff is it the same as the first interview then? Just need as much advice as i can get. :) lol
  6. Yes just going over the same stuff. Family and home life, past/present employment, job choices and that was it for me. My first interview was close to an hour long, the second one was over in about five minutes haha.
  7. The first interview was an hour for me aswell but hopeing its 5 mins like yours, the 2nd one i just want it ova and done with i hate interviews as it is just want to start my selection and then basic. :)
  8. Yes, it will be exactly the same as your first interview. Have you seen Groundhog Day?
  9. Hey cheers mate, no i haven't seen it why :?
  10. Mine lasted about 5 minutes too, he just went over the notes that my recruiter had made in the first interview. Make sure you wear a suit and give him a good handshake.
  11. Yea my mate said that to me he's a cheif for the army he just come back from a 6 month tour in Afghan, told me what ever you do make sure you give him a good handshake to tell him your confident.

    Hope mine lasts 5 minutes aswell in and out lol. :)
  12. Well all this 1st and 2nd interview thing doesn't really apply to me then...
    Because i first went into the army office to enquire and they signed me up for a barb test the same day, i hadn't booked an appointment for an interview or anything.
    I just had my 'formal' interview on friday, so basically to me its my 1st interview, and first of all my CA asked me questions such as job choice, where training is, am i employed, who do i live with, how do i help out at home etc...
    Then i went upstairs to the seargent major ( i was sh!tting myself) but the sgt. mjr. told me to relax and everything, went over a few things like where i do my training and stuff and then we just chatted for about 20 minutes about normal stuff and he told me about his background and how he went throught the army process, he also gave me some GREAT advice. Really top bloke i must say.

    Oh and i shook his hand at the end of the interview and he said words to this effect: "Firm handshake! I like that, shows your to the point." Which I was happy with :D
  13. Hey your lucky then really because i've been waiting about 2 and a half months from signing up to this day, got the second interview on the 17th can't wait apparently they olny last about 5 mins just going over the notes from the recruiter sooo fingers crossed! i want to crack on with selection!
  14. Mine was exactly the same as the first one, apart from the interviewer
  15. Exactly how mine went! Know their stuff at our afco 'eh Toon?