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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by bad_cat, Aug 7, 2006.

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  1. Hi am going for a Second interview can anyone tell me what to expect?
  2. To expect the unexpected!
  3. If you mean 2nd interview prior to attending RSC, it will be with a recruitment team officer who will look at and discuss in depth things like your job choices, your expectations of Army life, what you want from your career, etc. It will be at your local ACO and will be formal, like your first interview - shoes, suit, tie etc. Have a shave and a haircut, read up in depth about the roles you have said you want to do, the regiments you want to serve with (including their history, operations and current roles - can't hurt to be prepared).
    The interview is designed to be another for you to feck up royally and save the MOD the cost of paying for your transport to the RSC. Good luck.
  4. Seconding what Morty said. You should have two interviews, one with the Sergeant in charge of your application, and then one with the recruitment Officer. When I did mine, the one with the Sergeant was very easy going. Mainly questions about myself, and explaining some of the finer points about life in the Army; the Army's policy on drugs, thieves etc. Also a run down on how pay during basic should work. Just general information. The interview with the Officer was just a few questions about my first job choice and going over a few of the things I had already been asked by the Sergeant.

    Go smart.
    Don't forget to trim your fingernails.

    P.s With regards to the pay during Basic, I haven't started Basic yet, and I can't recall exactly what I was told. But I seem to recall being told that we won't be paid for the first 6 weeks, then we get a long weekend and get given about 100 quid, the rest is paid to us when basic is finished. Something to do with stopping people doing a runner.
  5. I also did a final interview at RSC, as i think everyone who passes does.
    For all interviews just follow whats been said above, go looking neat and tidy, dont fidget and try to keep eye contact, let whoever is interviewing you finish what they are saying before you say anything, as its likely they will be answering your questions before you ask them, and it rats them off when you interupt them.
    Good luck
  6. How does the pay work for those recruits who are slighlty older than the average and still have loans, telephone bills to pay and such? Surely they cant expect people to survive on 100 quid every 6 weeks. I know food and accommodation comes out of your salary as normal but as for general utilities these still need to be paid every month as i dont expect the mobile phone provider or bank to accept army training as an excuse for not paying bills.
  7. I'm pretty sure they will take that into consideration?
  8. You should buy some bullet cufflinks, wear a Foreign Legion tie and have grazing on your knuckles ( punch a wall that morning ). Have a number one haircut.

    A copy of The Express showing poking out of a canvas military type nap-sack, will show that you are keen on world events. A copy of the latest Andy McNab novel will demonstrate that you know when its time to relax too. Which is is important.

    Wear an army watch (see ebay) and have a DPM notebook with a telescopic pointer biro ( extended to show readiness) to jot down any questions you have while listening.

    Don't forget to come smartly to attention and salute the sergeant after you have marched into the room.
  9. Oh and another thing, its considered good form, after the interview by the officer, to offer him a nip of sloe-gin from your hip flask too.
  10. Also, do not forget to express your intention of wanting to join "them", after basic training

    This will look most impressive on your joining application and will put you in good stead for the rest of the joining process.

    And everytime the recruiter explains something to you, he will appreciate it if you but-in and say "it's ok, I already know".

  11. All true, btw, no sloe gin for the sergeant, they don't like it, but leave a four-pack of Boddingtons, or Newcastle Brown Ale on his desk prior to saluting, about turn, march out.
  12. An another bit of good advice is to NOT go in wearing any sort of army looking clothes, dont even wear green for the love of god. Had one walty lookin prat at the job centre with cs95's and a camo bag last time i went, had the pish ripped out of him by the seargent infront of the whole job centre.
  13. Job Centre?
  14. Yes, in some areas, they have a recruiting 'bod' working in the town job c
  15. Indeedy, only a small town so they send a bloke over from the worcester recruitment place every thursday.