2nd Interview Tomorrow, need help !

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MrMcNaul, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. So I have my second interview tomorrow, but I dont have a clue about my second job and third job as I am only really interested in infantry. My choices in order were:-

    1st: Infantry Soldier
    2nd: Tank Crewman (Main Battle Tank)
    3rd: Gunner Special Observer

    Any help with advice as to what I should know would be fantastic.

    Mr.McNaul 8)
  2. Preferred regiment?
  3. Royal Regiment of Scotland, hopefully the Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders
  4. Do you not think you've left it a bit late?
  5. Probably, but I was actually given the date pretty late so i hadn't really had much time to prepare for this interview. Most of my times been used for fitness.
  6. maybe you should have researched them before putting them down, also try this:

  7. He kind of wanted my 3 job choices on the spot and i didnt think it would really matter which ones i picked as i really am hoping for infantry soldier and dont see that being a problem.
  8. good luck then, best get cracking on that link
  9. Yeah was actually looking for people who may have a clue, unlike yourself. I Don't know what i need to know so I'm hardly going to google the job and commit everything i read to memory!

    Anyone who has been for their second interview ??
  10. well a brief outline of the job description would be a good start then build on that possibly. Of course this is only common sense talking but don't let that stop you

    Edited due to the wearing beer goggles
  11. Agree with above!

    Have mine on monday, onlay had first interview yesterday. Get a note pad and pen. Start off with a little about the army, where we are serving, based, a little on structure.

    For each job, note where you will do basic, where you will do phase 2 and phase 3 if there is one. What you will be doing in each. What you will be learning in each phase. How long each will take.

    Ensure you know a little about your chosen regiment too, where they are based, motto, history.

    Its just learning some basic information on what your career is going to be like mate!

    If you make clear notes as you go along, you should be able to get all info into a couple of pages of A4. then read and re-read this info. Read a bit, then move on to next, then place paper face down, ask yourself a few questions, where will I do basic for my second choice etc...
  12. when i had mine he didnt really ask me about my 2nd and 3rd as i stated i was only intrested in joining the infantry, and said i had no intentions of changing job choice my uncles already in the army and told me to make my mind up what i want to do and stay firm with my choice as the people in the careers office will try and push you into different jobs/ regiments.
    suppose it wouldnt be a bad idea to have an idea about the other two job choices just so you at least sound like uve put effort in, you should be fine tho
    good luck mate
  13. Information about job roles..

    Army Jobs Link

    Just use that website and the other link you were given to find information on the areas Gears has highlighted.
  14. Lol its okay, all went well and he was impressed with my knowledge.
  15. think i may try that way of learning some stuff for 2nd interview! cheers mate