2nd hand spliff smoke

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by indifferent, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. yesterday while working in the muddy shite hole called our building site the rain got the better of me so i ended up in the tea hut.

    some scroats were in there smoking on a fat one, i didnt realise at first but after a few mins it dawned on me that i was passive smoking it with them so i left.

    Now im a bit concerened that it might show up on a CDT???

    I didnt ask them to put it out because one off them is an ex double hard 2 para guy :D :D

    What should i do??
  2. Did you inhale? If not then it shouldn't be a drama I would have thought.

    To be on the safe side start thowing 4l of water down your neck a day and flush the system.

    Dunno if it will work mind!
  3. unlikely to register high enough
  4. Tell him you were in 3 Para mortars and stub it out on his arse - he will understand!
    Are you planning on taking a CDT soon then?
  5. when i was up adsc the srgnt giving us a briefing was covering drugs apparently youd have to sit in a cupboard with 10 people for 5 hours breathing it in for it to to show the same effect as smoking yourself
  6. Not sure about your figures Iceman but in essence you are correct, would take a lot of "passive smoking" to get a reading, many have tried using it as an excuse but have been found out eventually.
  7. Passive smoking a spliff? What a load of tosh, you won't get away with it that easily.
  8. yeah sorry bout that just trying give an idea or perspective anything like that with drugs just let your recruiter know everything even this that way youv been straight down the line
  9. try googling passive smoking and cannabis. Some interesting results. It seems that although false positives can achieved, any subsequent urine test would be able to differentiate. I was worried at one stage, as I was heavily involved in raiding cannabis factories, and after 4 hrs in a houseful full of 000's of skunk plants, it can leave you feeling distinctly, er,different.

    Emptied the tesco 24 of pringles on the way home too......
  10. cheers lads,

    i was a bit worried but looks like i will be fine then!!
  11. I seem to remember something from a fair few years ago from the ITDs that you would have to sit in a phone box with about 10 smokers for several hours to get a positive CDT.

    Whether this was to get rid of any excuses or not I don't know....

  12. If they do a hair sample test, or a nail sample test they will trace it. No matter how low the level, they will know you have been up to something (or not as the case maybe). You will be marked for the next CDT and although nothing will be said, they will be watching you.
  13. Its not the passive smoking you should worry about, they put the rest of it (oil) in the tea! If you think back, you spent the rest of the afternoon talking to your trowel and knitting a sock for your hod, you may have problems at CDT!
  14. Even if you were found positive on CDT they are required to take a hair sample. Your hair shows almost everything you have ingested during the time it has been on your head. They will judge what your hair says and weigh it up against the probability of evidence,

    You are a numpty for even getting yourself into this situation. Whether right or wrong it is still shit drills.
  15. Drink about 5 litres of vinegar.......staright up. It will take your mind off the CDT.
    It worked for the jocks in Fally whenever there was a CDT team in the area, all the vinegar bottles went from the cookhouses. There must be some truth in that then.

    Seriously, if you were on a building site with some goons smoking blow, I would seriously think about reporting it to the management. It might be you that has to work underneath these bozo's when they are whacked out.