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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Wyvern, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know where I can get hold of 2nd hand ladies' No2 uniform or mess dress?
    I'm an RAMC medical cadet, but training with the TA - and I'm going to need both numerous times over the next 5 years, and I don't want to be fannying about trying to hire kit from Keogh every time. We don't get the allowance for kit until we actually go to Sandhurst, and I really can't afford to buy new.
    I've had a good look to see if this question's already been asked, but apologies if I'm just being thick & have missed it. Not much luck on google/ebay either.
    Any help much appreciated!
  2. Having seen the ladies Mess dress, I would plead the poverty card and go Black-tie-equivalent for as long as possible!! As a cadet (albeit not also with the TA) the requirement for either has been nil to date.
    As a female, I guess the potential used uniform pool is relatively shallow.
    I believe Service dress is to be issued as of ~Sept 07. Again, hang on.
  3. Wyvern

    go to your TA QM Dept - get them to give youo the phone number for Col (Retd) Jones at Keogh. He runs the 2nd Hand Uniform shop (little portacabin round the back)

    or phone the AMS museum - they'll have the number too.

    He only works a couple of days a week
  4. I've tried ringing the AMS museum, but it just gives a fax tone. I'll check the number and try again though.

    Don't think my QM will be able to help - I train with the yeomanry, and the local fd hosp doesn't seem to 'do' No2s - where as the cav, being the cav, are pretty keen on shiny things like that!

    Thanks for help, will either let yous know how it goes or come back begging for more ideas!
  5. if you havent got it, dont wear it. you wouldnt catch me paying for 2's
  6. Fcuking right, why pay to be uncomfortable?!
  7. one word people - PRIDE

    Im not in work until next week Wyv, ive got his number in my work diary - Ill post it on here next tuesday

    If you telephone your nearest TA AMS unit - they may have uniforms that have been left by retiring members - the money raised goes to the Museum usually
  8. Cheers,BP2-0... will chase the TA AMS idea.

    Apart from pride, white mouse & co, there's also the fact that I don't fancy looking like a kn0b in C95 when everyone else is in No2s... I stick out enough being RAMC and female, dropped standards aren't going to help anything.
  9. Good girl. That's the spirit!


  10. Maj Jones is your best bet, if you can get him in!
  11. Sorry FF - promoting the old goat!

    I know why his cabins are full of uniforms - some Doctor was on the phone to him the last time I has there...

    ... got more of a hard-time than a hard sell
  12. Wyv

    Maj Jones is available on Aldershot Mil 94222 - 5239

    sorry - i dont have the civilian code, but im sure some kind person will pop up with it
  13. Op sec bedpan, op sec :wink:
  14. thanks very much for the number

    kind regards

    Mr T Aliban