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2nd hand dessies at Chilwell?

Can anyone confirm whether Chilwell are so short of kit that they are taking the dessies off returning bods so they can wash them hand them out to to those going on TELIC2 tranche 1?



Hello? What would you expect Chilwell to do, the Army has been recycling kit in that manner for 100 years! Thats why you catch crabs after a tour in Cyprus. Well thats what I told the missus!

The RAMC are experts, every DS is geared up to return the wounded's weapon and kit to the supply chain!
Absolutely correct - RTMC have been directed to withdraw all DCC (Desert Combat Clothing) from reservists for re-issue to future TELIC deployments. Seems eminently sensible to me and will stop all the whingers saying I wasn't issued the right kit!!
Now they'll be whinging that they have been issued tatty old kit instead :D
That seems to be the motto at Chilwell ;)


War Hero
Funny old thing but the mess song at chilwell is the theme to Fawlty Towers   ::)
It appears that the latest batch of Dessies were sub standard, so the old stuff is being taken off people and re-issued.


Mr Happy

1997 C95 was withdrawn for destruction at the Demob centre for those returning from Op Resolute/Lode Star.

The word was that it was getting sold by scousers in markets and the MOD didn't want it on Civ. St. before it had been issued army wide so they were withdrawing it for destruction.

Keen eggs, could "lose" theirs though for a small fine and keep it (1/4 of face value which meant trousers for GBP7.37 or some such).


Did a Adv Trg Kit collection from Bicester last week and saw from afar about 40 caged pallets full of bagged Desert DPM jackets and trousers!

I'm sure they are waiting to go to RMTC!
:)Nothing changes at all ;D
Strong rumour that 3 ISO containers have just been "discovered" on a dock in Kuwait. Filled to the brim with Dessies, Boots, etc.. have been there for 6 months and were forgotten about!  :eek:

Even the "Carry On.." team wouldn't have dreamt that one up!

Mr Happy

Yep, we'll be selling those to the Iraqi's in the next fw weeks then.  Op telic 2 in green unless you go to HM Supplies first.
Strong rumour that 3 ISO containers have just been "discovered" on a dock in Kuwait. Filled to the brim with Dessies, Boots, etc.. have been there for 6 months and were forgotten about!
Can't resist this one.  Is this the WMD (Wardrobe for Manouvres in the Dessert) that everyone is looking for.
correct a mundo, a container has been found in the dock over flowing with dessies but due to them being of sub standard (cheapest is not always the best) they could not be issued, Thats why chilwell needs your kit. Anyway you would only use it for gardening :)
It would have been nice to have some dessies to hand in at Chillwell. We had a small official issue just prior to leaving the Gulf, but most people only had personal purchase. I wouldnt worry about the Greens too much, its the boots that you need. No matter how good your admin your feet will eventually fall apart in blak boots. Take plenty of your own cotton socks and foot powder, and get hold of some desert boots.
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